Profile of Galana: Quick Facts
Played By: bee
Basic Info
Full Name: Galana Melonii-Nuiruk
Subspecies: Mixed
Size: Small, Lanky
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 1 (3/23/23)
Birthplace: Ouroboros Spine, Moonglow
At a Glance
Profile of Galana: Details
a winsome girl cloaked in many shades of red, the deepest being her plush tail. galana's eyes are silvered like the moon, just like her mother's. her underside is a pale off-white, a darker tone of such tipping her muzzle.

her body bears thin scars, wrapping from the base of her muzzle to her throat, others standing alone atop her shoulders.
[Image: 072682d9ff454179146c1ab51af5cf3a.gif]

a dreamer, lost in her stars and imagination. bright, soft-spoken, solicitous; galana is a pleasant young girl who will seek good in many. with maturity, anxious tendencies had developed.
a daughter to sakhmet, kukutux*, and aiolos. she would be born into the family moonglow, her heart full with love for her home. sakhmet's departure followed soon after, kukutux then filled the absence the child did not know.

she left willingly with strangers, naive to ill intentions with her youth. she learned what the world was, how cruel and beautiful it could be. these experiences spurred her paws back to the teekon wilds in a hurry, frightened and tired.
she would be born to sakhmet and aiolos, a daughter to kukutux* as well. three of her brothers that were half siblings to her by aiolos and from the womb of kukutux*, kassuq ♂, massaraq ♂, and arrluk ♂ would be born on the same day.

she would be a half sister to akkuma ♂ and kivaluk ♂ through sakhmet and many more through aiolos: stratos ♂, kausiut ♀, samani ♀, callyope ♀, and ariadne ♀ all from the womb of kukutux*, then huojin ♂ who was not of the moonwoman.

a half sister to wilwarin ♀*, lómion ♂*, inkalorë ⚥*, and vairë ♀* through adoption via aiolos.

"*" not by blood
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3/23/23 - current

Profile of Galana: Additional Information
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avatar by marklix, adult reference by talamasca, signature by altairas
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