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Full Name: Maegi Peryite Melonii
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley x Arctic
Sex: Female
Age: 1 (10/13/2017)
Birthplace: Blackfeather Woods
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Slim she-wolf of average height. Pelt a stark white, sleek and plush. Dark gray socks on her paws. Bi-colored eyes: the left a fiery orange, the right Melonii indigo. The left side of her face, ripped open by Nikan on Shadow Mountain, bears a long jagged scar; the mouth itself has been damaged so badly one can see the row of teeth on that side. On the same side, her ear is half-shredded away, courtesy of Towhee. From birth, her twisted right forepaw is permanently disabled, due to her incestuous lineage, with the toes fused together and the paw itself curled backward, giving her an uneven, hobbling gait. A once-crimson pawprint tattoo on her left shoulder, now pink after fervent and angry scrubbing.

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Art by JB

There is a duality in Maegi, a struggle between lawful & chaotic elements. Unlike her father, who experienced a true split of personalities, there is only one, truly--and that is Maegi. Most days, Maegi wakes up careful, meticulous. Everything is planned out; nothing is by accident. She follows rules to the letter, and she makes sure that others do the same. However, there is a reckless streak within the girl, manifested in her interest in mind-altering substances and her tendency to take on challenges on a whim. She embraces both parts of her persona, but there are times--and will be many more--where they directly clash. Which will come out on top?

Maegi is always eager to learn new things and just as eager to pass on that knowledge to others. However, this eagerness does not appear as sunny, cheerful optimism; rather, she comes off coolly intense and fiercely independent, and not without a temper. Her sense of humor is sorely lacking, but she will give into jokes if the mood strikes her right.

She was once very pious, completely dedicated to the Daedric gods and lore taught to her by her uncle, Miraak, and former mentor, Kove. From a very young age, this religion was of the utmost importance to her, and she mistrusted anyone in the Woods who does not feel the same. Since departing the Dark Brotherhood sect of afar, she has realized that no daedra are worth anything to her except Peryite, god of pestilence. She worships Peryite fervently, frequently bringing offerings of dead and rotting things to accompany her prayers.

Due to the unpredictability of her early life and Potema's dismissal of her and her siblings, Maegi clings tightly to those who show her any sort of true affection. She would die for the ones she loves. Her existence is marked by a constant search for parent figures to replace the father she lost and the mother she never had. Maegi also has a soft spot for those with physical and mental disabilities, much due to her own deformities.


Born into the shadows of Blackfeather Woods, young Maegi's existence is soon threatened by a war between her family and their neighbors.

The product of incest between Potema and her brother Cicero, Maegi was born one of three living pups in mid-autumn. They are detested by their mother, who believes they are a scourge detested by the gods, and loved only by their closest relatives.

As Maegi grows up, she becomes interested in the Blackfeather religion and, with training from Miraak and Kove, sets a course to become a priestess of the dark woods. An encounter with Potema in her third moon turns her indifference toward her mother into hatred, and she vows to destroy her, one day.

A war between the combined forces of Redhawk Caldera and Drageda against Blackfeather Woods for atrocities their members have committed rocks Maegi's world in her third moon, and the pack is upended, forcing them to temporarily flee. Maegi witnesses Miraak's death, and Cicero is left behind, wounded. Maegi and her brothers return to the Woods on their own, where they find their gravely injured father. Cicero is keen to take the litter to safety, for he fears the Woods are no longer safe, but Maegi remains behind, losing the respect and trust of her brothers.

Reeling from the departure of her brothers and father, Maegi undergoes a series of hardships and challenges, eventually arriving, broken and lost, at Wheeling Gull Isle.

In her fourth month, Maegi awakes one morning to find a tracking collar around her neck. She bears this yoke for a moon, only to have it mysteriously taken from her. Miserable without Ramsay and Euron and uncertain of her future, she sets off to find them. She is taken by Serem to Shadow Mountain, where Nikan tortures her and deals her grievous bodily harm.

Maegi flees the crag, unknowingly heading the opposite way from home. After a run-in with the sinister Yew, she ends up on the doorstep of Bearclaw Valley, where Tadec and Indra are kind enough to give her food and shelter. She spends time there until the departure of Reigi with one of her three children; this catches her eye, and Maegi follows the woman to the coast, ending up on Wheeling Gull Isle in the care of Undersea.

Maegi makes a new life for herself with Undersea, but trouble soon finds her even on the idyllic island.

Her time with Undersea is relatively uneventful, for a while. She befriends many wolves, including Rokig, Hemlock's children Reed and Droman, and the Aralez herself, Coelacanth. Haunted by the death of a mother in labor right in front of her--and plagued by thoughts that she could have saved her--Maegi spends much time learning about herbs and caring for the children on the island. The former interest leads to her botched attempt at healing Lainie, which throws her into chaos.

Beside herself, Maegi takes an overdose of poppy seeds and nearly dies, but is saved by Reed and her new friend Mou, who she has been caring for after he washed up on the island. While recovering from this incident, the girl makes a trip to the mainland, where she runs into a couple of faces from her past--her brother Vaati and his erstwhile challenger, Iliksis. These interactions leave her reeling.

After Mou disappears inexplicably, Maegi begins to have dreams of her old home. It is time to return. Accompanied by Coelacanth, Venninne, and Moorhen, the Melonii finally returns to the place of her birth--and all, new and old, that awaits her there.

Maegi is back right where she started in Blackfeather Woods. But things have changed, and there are new challenges to grapple with.

Much to her surprise, Mou has ended up in Blackfeather Woods, and the two reunite happily. They are inseparable, now; he is the source of all her joy, and they cling together like never before. Also faces from her past are Dark Master Kove and Listener Relmyna, with whom Maegi enjoys stable, if stilted, relationships. Astara and Averna, the Listener's daughters (and her half-sisters, through Cicero) provide both entertainment and consternation. New faces come and go as well.

This newfound peace goes belly-up when Mou inadvertently poisons a Redhawk wolf and brings her back to the Woods. She is a figure from his past, though he cannot remember her, due to his amnesia. When her family comes looking for her, they panic. All is resolved eventually, but still it hangs over her.

After visiting Undersea for a while, Maegi travels to Redhawk territory and informs them that Mou has died, torn apart by a cougar. They don't believe her, and she almost dies at their paws when one of them realizes she could know where his long-lost sister—the former captive—is.

She leads him to his sister, but not before breaking off to tell Mou to hide out on the island for a while, as suspicion is now heightened after her visit to Heron Lake Plateau. Meaning to return home, Maegi is instead led by a raven far away to another sect of the Dark Brotherhood.

A change in perception and in faith brings Maegi back to the Teekon Wilds. What was once a clear future is now murky. What is there to believe in, really?

Maegi returns after only a moon with the Dark Brotherhood, realizing that their ways are no longer for her. She renounces all daedra—including Mephala and Sithis—but Peryite, whom she worships fervently. What she is more concerned with now is finding Mou and shepherding him back to Blackfeather Woods, where she believes all can be well again.

Little does she know. . .
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Pack History

Mother: Potema Vaermina Melonii
Father: Cicero Sheogorath Melonii

Littermates: Ramsay Malacath , Euron Jyggalag
Elder Half-Siblings: Vaati Clavicus , Koume Azura , Kotake Nocturnal , Ganondorf Molag
Younger Half-Siblings: Astara Lis , Averna Tamriel

Extended Relations (known): Cicero (uncle), Damien Mehrunes Melonii (uncle), Miraak Melonii (great-uncle), Meldresi Melonii (grandmother), Bane Blackfeather (grandfather)

Best Friend: Mou
Runner-Up Best Friend: Reed

Surrogate Mothers: Venninne, Coelacanth, Relmyna

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10/13/17 - 04/05/18

Spiderling - 10/13/17 - 01/28/18
Apprentice - 01/29/18 - 04/05/18

04/05/18 - 05/06/18

05/06/18 - 09/09/18

Guppy - 05/06/18 - 07/12/18
Daggertooth - 07/13/18 - 09/09/18

09/09/18 - 11/15/18

Zeta - 9/30/18 - 10/08/18
Delta - 10/08/18 - 11/15/18
Gamma - briefly

11/16/18 - 12/15/18

12/15/18 - 01/25/19

01/25/19 - present
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