Profile of Fire: Quick Facts
Lost Creek Hollow

Basic Info
Full Name: Ceara "Fire" Blackthorn
Pronunciation: SEAR · uh
Subspecies: Northern Rocky Mountains Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 (March 29, 2016)
Birthplace: Montana, USA
At A Glance
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“…and as much as anyone can say how invincible I seem or how fearless I am or how brave I must be, I’m still human.”
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Profile of Fire: Details

General Appearance:
Ceara sports a trim, athletic form with a meso-runner body type. She has unkempt wildfire fur that is as aggressive and in-your-face as her personality. Her eyes are a cool shade of gunmetal, outlined with charcoal. She carries a fragrant, distinct scent of apples — regardless of the season.

Current Condition:
Ouchies! After a fight with Takiyok, Ceara has been left with puncture wounds in her neck and shoulder. Praesent quis arcu laoreet, tincidunt mauris a, mollis ante. Nam magna tellus, placerat quis enim quis, interdum interdum odio. Proin aliquam elit elit, vel mattis metus finibus ac. Sed vel suscipit tellus. Praesent eleifend pulvinar libero, eget viverra purus faucibus quis. Integer consectetur posuere neque sit amet consectetur. Curabitur accumsan lectus quam, ut mollis ligula ultricies non.

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“ Once, I was afraid of death and would wash my hands until they welted and the skin scraped off. I know so much about blood I can sense it before it is spilled, can feel the wounds before they are made. ”

Pack History

MATE: n/a

MOTHER: Eithne Blackthorn
FATHER: Cathal Blackthorn
SIBLINGS: Muirren "Spine" ♀, Caoimhe ♀, Conall "Carp" ♂, Deaglán ♂, Sloane "Turquoise", Finley "Frog" ♀, Caoilfhionn "Tiger", Tiarnach "Colt" ♂, Suibhne "Apple" ♀, Maolán "Lake" ♂, Dairine "Prism" ♀, Feidhelm "Fern" ♀, Oisin "Drift" ♂, Abbán "Rabbit" ♂, Laoise "Juniper" ♀, Domhnall "Hatch" ♂, Cairell "Cardinal" ♂, Sorcha "Maple" ♀, Órlaith "Lynx" ♀, Neasa "Cyclone" ♀, Breasal "Sunshine" ♂, Tuathal "Tadpole"
ASSORTED: Elwood Jr. "Eljay" ♂, Caoilfhionn "Liffey" ♀, Tiarnach "Lagan" ♂, Lucy ♀, Maebh "Kestrel" ♀, Taoiseach "Tegan" ♂*, Fiadh ♀, Mathghamhain "Clover" ♀, Sceitimini "Lucca" ♂, , Dearthár "Cinder" ♂, Leathchúpla "Tywyll" ♂, Wisteria "Wisp" ♀, Dearbhail "Remi" ♀, Deshyr "Junior" ♀, Breccan

Related to all Redhawks, including Towhee Woodley Redhawk-Blackthorn ♀,, though not by blood.

*Although Tegan is Ceara's nephew by blood, they call themselves cousins.
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Redstone Canyon
Blackthorn Forest
Profile of Fire: Additional Information
I wish I could tell you, sun, when you are lonely or in darkness, you are not a shadow: Everything you touch turns to shadow. (beth bachmann)
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