Profile of Veteran: Quick Facts
Played By: Zoo
Basic Info
Full Name: Veteran Duskfire
Subspecies: Mixed (Mackenzie Valley, Timber, Northern Rocky Mountain)
Sex: Male
Age: 8mo (6/25/2021)
Birthplace: Duskfire Glacier
At a Glance
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Profile of Veteran: Details
[Image: DXFK4SP.jpg]

Veteran was born a licorice jellybean with blue eyes. As he has grown, his black fur has lightened along his back and flanks, revealing a pelt marbled with lighter patches. His eyes remain a bright, icy blue.

As of 9/8/21, Veteran has a jagged, healing scar lacing up the center of his forehead and across his scalp. It's a very grown-up wound that stands out on such a young boy.
Veteran has grown up in a fairly stable situation, and for the most part he is a well-adjusted "boy's boy." He enjoys rough and tumble games with his siblings, helping his parents with grown-up tasks, and exploring on his own. He's recently developed an interest in reptiles.

Despite possessing a bit of a protective streak, Veteran could be considered one of the more laid-back Duskfire pups, especially when compared to his sisters.
[Image: rebelwolve_by_hikarisilvereye_deqz6ca-fu...ZMbtaUekT4]
Art by HikariSilverEye, commissioned by Wayfarer's player.

Veteran had a difficult start in life as the product of a delayed and complicated birth. The after effects seemed to stick with him for a while, and for his first few weeks of life he was a fearful pup who lagged slightly behind in development.

Once Veteran's world opened up a little, the late-bloomer really began to thrive. Although his mother slipped in and out of his life in his early months, he took this in stride, endearing himself to his father and other packmates and reveling in their care and attention.

[Image: llBuzbT.png]
Art by Angler's player, depicting Veteran and Angler's fishing lesson.
Veteran was born to Lane Vitale and Wintersbane Duskfire on June 25th, 2021 alongside his sister, Wayfarer. Veteran has also grown up alongside half-brothers and sisters from Wintersbane's pairing with Tzila: Arius. Ensio, and Makatza. Veteran considers Tzila to be a second mother. He will also grow up alongside Sikuliak, the child of Imaq and Rye, and will consider him to be like a cousin.
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Hey all, I'm Zoo. 30 yo, she/her/hers. I'd love the chance to write with anyone and everyone. Please feel free to PM me if you would like a thread or drop in to any of my AW threads. I have a strong preference for fast-paced threads with shorter posts-- if this is you too, let's write! :D

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