Profile of Rye: Quick Facts
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Duskfire Glacier Epsilon
Played By: Espero
Basic Info
Full Name: Rye Hotah Black
Subspecies: Rocky Mountain Wolf
Size: Large, Athletic
Sex: Male
Age: 4 years old (1/5/2017)
Birthplace: Somewhere not Teekon
At a Glance
Rye is pretty average, a bit on the muscular side but nothing substantial(when well fed). He is six feet in length and his height rests at two and a half feet. A burn scar is clear as day in the middle of his front left leg, from a forest fire that left a pinecone sized bare mark. An addition to his scars is a bald spot due to an infection of his wound in his left shoulder. Generously given to him by Zsuzsa during a borders scuffle.

Health (95/100)
On the mend

Mental Health (100/100)
Profile of Rye: Details

Voice based off Anakin because childhood nostalgia


Like most wolves roaming Teekon, Rye is subject to change due to the events in his future and present endeavors.
Rye does not represent my ooc beliefs or what ooc feelings I have either

Rye is laid back, choosing a live and let live lifestyle, with only few exceptions. He doesn't put others down based on culture or social norms but delights in differences. It is rare for him to give into strangers judgements/peer pressure that go against his morals but he is weaker to those who matter to him.

A Judgeless, compassionate friend to vent to. He doesn't mind being the shoulder to cry on or the ears to speak to, with an added promise of secrets being kept behind sealed lips. However, he is not immune to letting slip secrets but he tends to stay on the quiet side. Rye doesn't try to judge if he can help it but won't hold his tongue if he feels someone is without a doubt wrong. He's got a big heart and doesn't like the spotlight to shine on him, for any reason so he'll do anything to get out of it. Anything, especially if it's really dumb and over complicated.

He can be overprotective, jealous and petty when the right conditions brew, leading him to be hasty and quick to act on impulse. Often those reactions can be quite drastic.

Anxious but driven, Rye is worried of failing those around him, in any way, but he strives to improve, never letting his failure go without some level of scrutiny.

Detail Oriented, Rye will be very receptive to nonverbal social cues, emotion, and stress movements(to a degree). Always on the look out for un-comfortability or unease and forever finding ways to soothe those situations as best he can.
Rye was born to Betas in a pack far, far away from the Teekon wilds. He was raised with three siblings, so he was used to sharing, fights, and arguing. The male might even consider himself good at arguing. Rye was raised by caring parents, and a protective pack, he was certainly a well cared for pup. His mother spoiled him often and his father taught him the ins and outs of pack life, and the pups future role in the pack. The father taught young Rye how to hunt, negotiate, and even a bit of practical medicine but nothing extensive. As a young'un he left his pack at a year and a half, deciding to branch out on his own, in search of a new home.
Rye joined the Redhawks in early January of 2019, meeting many and befriending most. One particular packmate Rye had a fling with, Towhee and that eventually led to him developing deeper feelings for the female. It wasn't long before Rye was following Towhees' footsteps and joining the pack she made with her brother Phox. They moved to Asterism Grove and lived peacefully. While there Rye met a woman named Effie in a forest looking for her lost parents, they befriended each other and Rye brought her to the grove. Soon after a large land slide locked Effie and Rye outside of the grove while others remained trapped inside. Without a pack and not much hope, the pair left Teekon for a while and returned 6 months later. Together they roamed Teekon in search of their old home but upon finding it they were met with aggression from the current residents, The Saints of the Dying Light. Rye sustained an injury, as did Effie but then Effie vanished and Rye was left to roam Teekon heavily wounded and alone. Nearly starving to death and almost succumbing to a nasty infection, he was saved by Vein and in return Rye would some day be called upon to do a favor. After his recovery Rye went on to reunite with Towhee who was in Redhawk Caldera, she was pregnant at the time. While Rye visited, Towhee mismarried two pups, something Rye took responsibility for due to his perceived worthlessness at the time. He disappeared from the caldera and met a female, Iana, she invited him to stay with her and Wintersbane at DuskFire Glacier. He accepted and currently resides there now.
The following mating season lead Rye to pair with two women of the Glacier, first Tzila, whom mothered three pups. However Wintersbane managed to couple with Tzila first, which resulted in a mixed litter. One child, Makatza is biologically Ryes, although he is under the impression it is not his. After the events with his son, Sikuliak, and the resulting fight between the pups, the thought she does not belong to him had only solidified. Sikuliak being the offspring of Rye and Imaq, whom he married soon after their son was born. For the remainder of the year, the hotah shall keep close to his family and stay around the Glacier. That was the plan, until both wife and child went missing.
Mate; [p=6959]Imaq Tupilak Qeya

Parents; Talla x Weizen
Siblings; Brazen , Ayywa , Whyvern
Pack History
Current | DuskFire Glacier - Epsilon
Asterism Grove; June - November
FrostHawks; January - June
Profile of Rye: Additional Information
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—Rye and Sifaka will be kept to a 5 thread limit, or I'll try to

Rye's Signature
"If you lose yourself, your courage soon will follow.
So be strong tonight.
Remember who you are."
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Player Notes
Life details—
Currently I am busy with private life stuff, my posts are sporadic and my muse is low. I apologize! I will get better as I time goes on. Secondly, I have the AD side of ADHD, or just ADD. I am working hard to get it under control but like everything in life, it's a long process. Please for the love of everything, if I get something wrong. Tell me. Like character details I messed up with your toon, or mentioning something that isn't known yet. Normally I am good about keeping timelines straight but, I have my moments. I won't be offended if you tell me because I'm not one to get offended by much! Lastly, I've only been roleplaying with others for as long as my Rye guy has been on Wolf. I have only written for at most 2 years. I'm not 100% used to rping with others but I love to learn, please feel free to help me out. Writing, roleplaying help or anything else you got for me!

Other info—
If a plot or thread is getting too boring, don't be shy, tell me! If you would like a thread with Rye, just tag him. I love spontaneous threads!

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