Profile of Rye: Quick Facts

Basic Info
Full Name: Rye Black
Subspecies: Mountain Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 2 years old (1/5/2017)
Birthplace: Somewhere not Teekon
At A Glance
Rye is at a normal height, and length. The male is pretty average, a bit on the muscular side but not full of muscle, instead he makes up for the lack of mass with being built for ware and tear, his fur is a bit more rugged then most other wolves.
His paws are rather large, and his legs are thick with muscle due to his month of hiking to Redhawks territory. A burn scar is clear on his upper left front leg, from a forest fire that left a pinecone sized bare mark.
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Profile of Rye: Details
A splash of browns, greys and a bit of black coated the male all over his back, sides, and tail. His face has darker and light colors splashed over his muzzle. Dark brown, black and grey cover the top half of his face, mixed evenly and spread an inch or two just below his eyes before fading to cream brown on the sides of his muzzle. As for his body, a mixture of blacks, greys and whites cover his back.
Rye is pretty laid back, not big on fighting and generally nice to wolves, new and known. Playful, kind, compassionate, jokester, happy and a dash of charisma or cockiness (? I dunno) Rye does his best to give everyone a fair chance, no matter their allegiances, morals, or opinions. Only when a wolves' morals, opinions or allegiances negatively impacts Rye (or others) will he step away and refuse to talk. Overall Rye would call himself fair but even he knows of a side of him that can be cruel, and unforgiving. His temper. It takes more than a few harsh words to get to him but once something has dug under his skin, it sets him off. His words laced thick with venom and his actions occasionally rife with assault. A trait gained by his mother, or so he would claim.
Rye was born to Betas in a pack far, far away from the Teekon wilds. He was raised with three siblings, so he was used to sharing, fights, and arguing. The male might even consider himself good at arguing. Rye was raised by caring parents, and a protective pack, he was certainly a well cared for pup. His mother spoiled him often and his father taught him the ins and outs of pack life, the pups future role in the pack. The father taught young Rye how to hunt, negotiate, and even a bit of practical medicine but nothing extensive.
As a young'un he left his pack at a year and a half, deciding to branch out on his own, in search of a new home.

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Pack History
Current pack: Redhawk

Current rank: Eta

Pack history: None

Rank history: Kappa - Theta - Eta
Profile of Rye: Additional Information
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