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Basic Info
Full Name: Hydra Ostrega
Subspecies: Multiple
Sex: Female
Age: 3 years (8/18/2016)
Birthplace: Moonspear
At A Glance
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Profile of Hydra: Details
Hydra is average in stature, though the way she holds herself is anything but. Her confident demeanor radiates beyond her impassive features, perhaps making her appear larger than her counterparts. Hydra's features are sharp and severe, and the woman is well-groomed and maintained. For all of the elegance and grace that she possesses, there is ever a look in her eye that holds the promise of unyielding ferocity should she be crossed. Being a triplet, it is near impossible to tell her apart from her two sisters, Alya and Lyra, even with the self-inflicted notch midway down her right ear that mirrors the exact wound her sisters have.

Earth, stone, pine, lavender
Low in pitch, steady, calm and even
No current injuries; 100% healthy at present
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Confident, self-assured, dominant, selfish, proud. Hydra is protective over all that she loves. A natural born leader. Can hold a deadly grudge.
Hydra was the last daughter born to Charon and Amekaze in their first litter, though none would ever know for certain who was last to leave the womb between she and her mirror images, Alya and Lyra. There is one other sister among them born to this litter, Korei JuliaD. She has several younger siblings who she has helped rear: Jarilo, Vela, the late Galaxy, YamiD, Yama, Arcturus, and Revui. Hydra has come to view Towhee as a sister, and regards her as such. Hydra had always been the most dominant among her siblings, though she and her twins are equals among themselves. When she reached adulthood, Hydra established herself into Moonspear's hierarchy as her parents second even prior to being made their Beta, which she accomplished on her first birthday. Soon after, in her first month as a yearling, Hydra becomes a [Image: mercenary_master.gif] Master Warrior. At two years old, during her first heat, she becomes mate to Dirge; late into her second year, Hydra becomes Moonspear's Queen, and mother to Antares, Atlas, Osiris, and Vega. Early into her third year, Hydra becomes a [Image: hunter_master.gif]Master Tracker.
In her short life, Hydra has shown a proclivity toward violence alongside her twins, exhibiting a ruthless response to those who transgress against she and hers. One such incident earned her a notch on her ear, and so as to avoid being different from one another her sisters make the decision to remain completely identical, a pact that they will keep to their entire lives. Another incident causes Hydra to participate in taking out Blackfeather Woods alongside her sisters, a thing that is largely selfishly motivated by her own desire to be permanently rid of Vaati, who made an enemy of her when he attacked one of her friends, Rannoch, without cause.

Over the course of that same year, Hydra faces a betrayal from the very same man she had saved, but also one of her closest friends, who follows him, Terance. It causes the heart of Hydra to harden, and her sense of trust in others who are not her family to reduce significantly. Hydra deigns to only interact with her family and pack. Later on within her second year, Hydra undergoes her first heat and finds a mate in Dirge. Breeding season causes chaos when her mother does not come into heat, but another unrelated female, Speedy, does; Hydra is prevented from stopping her heat by her father, who takes her away to protect her. That protection comes at a great cost, causing a rift within the tight-knit Ostrega clan. It is eventually revealed that Charon did breed with the other woman, and also revealed are his dreams which echo Hydra's own fresh ambitions (albeit with some significant differences); however, ultimately, his desire to keep them was the end of both Amekaze and Charon. The end of this era sees the beginning of a new one with Hydra as Queen.

Just before her third year, Hydra gives birth to four cubs: Antares, Atlas, Osiris, and Vega. She and her sisters act as their mothers, Hydra ever the head.

TBA: Vengeance/Andraste/Berx/Kids + Caiaphas/Merrick/Astara + famine, formal acknowledgment of Towhee as family to her and her children, sister by choice.
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Profile of Hydra: Additional Information
The Cerberus (Alya, Lyra) is welcome in any and all of my threads at any point.

During IC fights, due to dual-masteries in her Warrior Trade, I will add +6 buff to every roll.

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