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by lauren

Basic Info
Full Name: Antares Ostrega
Subspecies: ⅝ Rocky Mountain x ¼ Eastern Timber x ⅛ Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 1 (June 17, 2019)
Birthplace: Moonspear, Great Bear Wilderness
At A Glance
Dark, lean.. on the lookout, but for what, exactly?
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Profile of Antares: Details
Growing tall and long, hinting at a sturdiness to come later in life, with deep black fur and particularly pronounced hackles. His eyes are dark blue, usually with a keen look about him.
Seems quiet, but painfully alert, observant and pointedly curious; sometimes intense, but with a dash of mischief and impudence to it to offset a nature that can be awfully serious sometimes, too. Sly and stealthy, he is a sharp, knowledge-seeking creature.
After the summer's first full moon, he arrived earthside along with his littermates—the firstborns to Moonspear's newly-ascended second alphas, Hydra and Dirge Ostrega. With a healthy reverence for their family and their home, they grew fierce, and trained hard, strong even in the face of nature's hardships over the course of their first year.
Pack History
Grandparents: Amekaze Rikudou-Ostrega ♀✝, Charon Ostrega ♂✝, Kasaka Winterheart ♀ & Kelso Ostrega
Parents: Hydra Ostrega ♀ & Dirge Ostrega
Siblings: 06/17/2019: Atlas ♂, Osiris ♂, Vega
05/07/2020: Altair ♂, Caelum ♂, Mira ♀, Mintaka

Moonspear (06/17/2019 — present)
Profile of Antares: Additional Information
close family always welcome to reference and tag him whenever.
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