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"In October 2015, Charon from Stavanger Bay and Amekaze from The Sunspire decided to band their small packs together to form Moonspear in an effort to survive the winter as a group..."

Acronym — MSP
Demonym — Moonspearian
FoundedOctober 20, 2015
Founding LeadersCharon & Amekaze
Founding SubordinatesThistle Cloud, Atreyu, Jace, Nishu Inte, Rain, Aran, Lex, Dash, Jura, Izo, Flóki
Pack ColorsDisco Moon Green  #58e362 & Indigo Night  #3a2262

Flóki: Beta (01/2016 — 01/2017)
Hydra: Beta (08/2017 — 12/2018)
Charon: Alpha (10/2015 — 06/2019)
Amekaze: Alpha (10/2015 — 06/2019)
Hydra: Alpha (06/2019 — 02/2021), Beta (03/2019 — 06/2019)
Revui: Beta (05/2019 — 06/2019)
Arcturus: Beta (06/2019 — 04/2020)
Dirge: Alpha (06/2019 — 02/2021)
Jarilo: Beta (05/2020 — 02/2021)

The Moonspear, the tallest mountain in its range, rivals its brother, the Sunspire, in height and majesty. The wildlife that makes the mountain its home find shelter upon the Spear's lower slopes, which are covered thickly in a dark, tangled woods. Those that make their way up the mountain's crooked, jagged passages are rewarded with the stunning views the Moonspear has to offer on its Northern face where a series of flat ridges and plains make the perfect perches for a romantic night of stargazing.