Profile of Conquest: Quick Facts
Played By: Noki
Basic Info
Full Name: Conquest "Connie" Rache
Subspecies: MVW x Mix
Size: Gigantic, Muscular
Sex: Female
Age: 0.8 (March 5, 2020)
Birthplace: Haunted Woods
Birth pack: Nightwalkers
Profile of Conquest: Details
No longer writing on WOLF-RPG.
Reach out to me on Discord at noki#1301
- None of my characters have had any puppies off site after my departure of WOLF.
- Unless I have a clear death thread for that character, the character simply vanished. no one was killed by anyone IC
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Registered on December 05, 2019, last visited (Hidden)
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[Image: zaR4vWK.gif]
The desire to conquer is itself a sort of subjection.
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