Profile of Evergreen: Quick Facts

Basic Info
Full Name: Evergreen
Subspecies: Wolf hybrid
xxx75% Mackenzie Valley wolf
xxx25% Alexander Archipelago wolf

Sex: Male
Age: 3 Years (August 01, 2016)
Birthplace: Outside of Teekon Wilds
At A Glance

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Profile of Evergreen: Details
[Image: Y1QDx9H6_o.png]
Reference. Artwork to the left by wilthking.

Is that a bear?

Fear not, for it is just Evergreen. Large in stature, this beastly boy looks like a tank, probably hits like a tank but has the personality of a skittish deer. Of course, first impressions have left many in his past flabbergasted. He is heavy, most notably burly with a large stomach and round cheeks. His ears are comically smaller than the rest of his face, and follow the theme of roundness. Opposite to tiny ears is a large black nose. Perhaps the only striking feature of Evergreen is his striking green eyes.

His coat, thick and forcing the ever large male to appear even bigger, forms a mane of fluff around his neck. It continues itโ€™s long length across his stomach and over the back of his hindlegs and tail. His paws are massive, almost making it look like Evergreen could have even grown larger; a behemoth among others. Coloration wise, the wolf is primarily differing shades of brown; agouti-like in patterning across his back. He has dark cherry undersides, muzzle, ears and a blaze. On his left cheek, he has a single cheek dot.

His mother named him Evergreen after his distinct woodsy scent.

         35โ€ in height                                  i Muscular, thick & round
         Strong, heavy hitter, slow         xxx Visually impaired in right eye
Pack History
Mother: Oki
Uncle: Kaisyn
Sibling: Thistle
         x Biological family unknown.

Mate: N/A /
Children: N/A

Notable relations: Moath , Ira , Sindri
Abandoned, Evergreen was adopted at two months old by a woman named Oki, and her brother, Kaisyn. They raised Evergreen in a family pack. At two years old, Oki told the kids to set sail and get outta the nest. Evergreen arrived in Teekon Wilds after months of travel with his adopted sister, Thistle.

Lone Wolf
         January 16, 2019 โ€” January 24, 2019
         January 24, 2019 โ€” June 01, 2019
         Newcomer, Family
         June 01, 2019 โ€” Present
         Pledged, Count
Profile of Evergreen: Additional Information
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