Stone Circle Easthollow
October 09, 2017, 09:16 AM

Basic Information

Pack Name: Easthollow
Location: Stone Circle
Acronym: EH
Founded: October 1, 2016
Founding Leaders: Steady
Founding Subordinates: Valette, Grayday, Anita, Chaska, Philos, Eden, Alyssum, Adeline
Pack Colors: Aurora Pink (#E97781) and Dusk Purple (#838bb4)

Current Leaders:
Valette — Alpha: January 22, 2017 till Present
Steph — Beta: Oktober 31, 2018 till Present

Past Leaders:
Stark — Alpha: March 9, 2018 till June 22, 2018
Krypton — Beta: July 9, 2017 till September 24, 2017
Ezekiel — Beta: July 9, 2017 till August 24, 2017
Steady — Alpha: October 1, 2016 till April 14, 2017
Valette — Beta: October 3, 2016 till January 22, 2017

Pack Philosophy

Easthollow was founded on the principles of family. Each wolf that resides within it are not only considered a pack mate, but a family member, and they are treated as such. While the pack has traditional Alphas and Betas, it is far from a dictatorship. The leaders feel that all members of the pack, no matter their rank, should have a say in the decisions that are made, and most of the time, the majority will rule. The Alpha male, Steady, feels his role is more to keep the peace with the family members and to make sure that things remain fair. He prides himself on loyalty, dedication, and protection of the family, and expects his family to adopt the same attributes. While he is a generally friendly wolf, he is an experienced warrior and will defend his family.

Pack History

The Founding
Easthollow was formally known as Silvertip Mountain. Due to overcrowding around the mountain, the family decided to relocate to Stone Circle and rename themselves Easthollow.

The Betrayal, and change of Leadership
Valette brought Eden to Steady, who then confessed to mating without permission. Steady felt betrayed, for he had offered her a home, food, and protection, and she had yet to do anything for the pack to show that she deserved it, and now she may be pregnant. Steady demoted her to Omega until further notice. Eden rejected her punished and called for her sister. Steady and Valette attacked them both, running them out of the territory, with Steady promising to kill Eden if he ever saw her again. Once back into the territory, Steady offered the position of Beta to Valette, for her everlasting support when it came to the pack.

The Horrible Loss
On April 14th, Easthollow lost their wonderful leader Steady. Valette ended up mating Steady was devasted by the loss. However, she took over his spot as the alpha of the pack. She promised him she would keep on leading Easthollow as he wanted.

October 09, 2017, 09:18 AM

Pack Territory

Pando Clone Forest
[Image: ed4ZFq6.jpg]
A forest of Aspen trees, each one looking quite the same, unless you look very closely. It's easy for one to lose their way in the forest, unless they've explored it a while. The bark of the trees are all white, except the few spots of brown where the trees internal trunk is exposed. The leaves change colors with each season.

Blume Meadow
[Image: mLuCr3V.jpg]
Blume Meadow is large and contains a lot of large prey. One big deer herd lives here peacefully along with a big bison herd. These animals are the main prey for the wolves at Easthollow. In the grass are also smaller prey hidden for when a wolf needs a light snack.

Stone Circle
[Image: 10xgcxl.jpg]
One of the unique spots in the territory are the stone pillars that lie between Pando Clone Forest and Blume Meadow. They are set in a circle, standing as tall as half a dozen wolves or more. It remains a mystery as to how they got there, but it makes for a perfect meeting spot for the pack.

Marino River
[Image: VCIUhi7.jpg]
The river that flows through Pando Clone Forest is perfect for fishing and romping around in the water. Many spots are shallow and great for crossing. The current isn't rough in most spots, and the water is cool and quenches a wolf's thirst easily.