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Basic Info
Full Name: Easy "Blackbear" Morningside
Subspecies: Eastern Timber Wolf x Wolfdog
Sex: Female
Age: 1 (7/1/2017)
Birthplace: Morningside Cuesta
At A Glance
Mottled black, silver, and grey. Pumpkin eyes.
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Very large wolf. Black with big, blotchy patches of silver and grey in the summer, but silver with splashes of gunmetal in winter. Bright orange eyes. Much floof in cooler weather.

Scent: Thunderstorms, summer rain, turkey feathers

Winter Coat
[Image: xHQQaKf.png?1]
Summer Coat
[Image: QwoD4hZ.png?1]
Quick-thinking. Demanding. Generally agreeable.
Born to Grayday and Khoe. Khoe dipped. Moved to Blacktail Deer Plateau with family. Pema became Mom. Graydad married Catori. Catori became Mom also. Fell in love with brother-in-law. Moved with family to Dawnlark Plains. Began training to be an ambassador. Got lost on an adventure. Dad died while she was gone. Ran away in shame. Joined Drageda.
Pack History
Sire: Grayday Corten (née: Morningside, Sameth)
Dam: Akuti (Khoe)
Littermates: Dauntless, Lavender
Siblings: Sunny and Dawn; Kasatka, Winterbourne, and Eventide
Aunts & Uncles: Murdock, Greeneyes, Sunspot, Shale, Pema
Cousins: Timberlake, Radcliffe, Padma, Meadow, King, Blueridge, Silversong, Saturnalia, Valkyrie
Family by choice: Catori, Aditya, Coelacanth, Koi, Grayling, Sixgill, Thresher, Stockholm, Valette, Steph
MORNINGSIDE07/01/2017 - 07/24/2018
SWIFTCURRENT CREEK08/24/2018 - ???
LONE WOLF??? - 11/22/2018
DRAGEDA11/22/2018 - 02/02/2019
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