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Full Name: Andraste [ᴀʜɴ.ᴅʀᴀs.ᴛᴜʜ] Stormcloak
Known as Aurëwen before being struck by lightning and has since undergone an incredible shift in identity.
References: I, II, III
Subspecies: Arctic Wolf ²⁸”
Sex: Female
Age: 3 Years (10 February 2016)
Birthplace: Rhaesuial
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❝         t h e          m o o n          w a s          b u t          a          c h i n          o f          g o l d          ;

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& her amber never did part.
Refashioned beneath stormblade, Andraste is a pensively private, deeply quiet, unpredictable contrarian; slow to enrage, and even slower in retaliation; approaches predicament with practicality. Pointedly muted in all that once moved her so severely, oft she looks into the world with faraway eyes.

Ebony Wrote:’If ‘ere there were magic, she would be it: a fairy come from some enchanted weald [...] to draw him from the cold realm of the living to a place altogether warm and rife with a splendor he could almost not bear to taste again.’

Post-metamorphosis, it seems that those most significant in her gauzy life are the wolves of her Court and the herbalist who holds her heart.

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