Profile of Lily: Quick Facts

Mate to Khali

Basic Info
Full Name: Lily
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 (June 4, 2016)
Birthplace: Idaho
At A Glance
i lie in wait with open eyes
i carry on through stormy skies

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Profile of Lily: Details

Slim black-furred female; a diminutive thing, no more than 90 pounds. Sleek but thick pelt. Big orange eyes that stand out in a dark face. No scars or wounds to speak of--she's led a charmed life.

Speaks with a distinct West London accent (where her family acquired it, she doesn't know).
[Image: tumblr_nxvrw0sc4h1rftd23o1_500.gif]

ENFP ~ Neutral Good ~ Gemini

Fiercely independent, though slightly clueless, due to her young age and lack of life experiences. An adventurous, free spirit. Laughs a lot, but doesn't like to be laughed at. Shamelessly flirtatious. Falls in love easily. A hippie at heart.


[Image: lh5.gif]

Born to a loving family east of the Wilds, Lily decided to depart to see what else was out there.

Turns out, there is a lot of cool stuff out there.
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Pack History
Father: Roberto
Mother: Janis
Littermates: Freddie, Jimmy, Dottie
Older siblings: numerous

Mate: Khali
Children: Lana, Ziggy, Cam
Friends: Eris, Korei, Alarian, Seabreeze, Olive, Delight
One-Night Stands: Dirge, Vilkas, Barracuda
The Howlin' Wolves: birth - January 2018
Lone Wolf: January 2018
Bracken Sanctuary: January 2018 - November 2018
Elysium: November 2018 - present
Profile of Lily: Additional Information
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Player Information: Miryam
Registered on January 22, 2018, last visited 18 minutes ago
Time Zone Central Standard (CST)
Most Active Weekends, some weeknights

Elysium leadership · Therapist · Ambassador
Primary character · Daily posts · 10-15 active threads preferred

Prayers & poisons · Blackfeather loyalist
Primary character · Posts every other day · 10-15 active threads preferred

Serial wanderer · Grappling with his past
Secondary character · Posts every few days · 5-10 active threads preferred

Drageda -> Diaspora · Reluctant family man
Secondary character · Posts every few days · 5-10 active threads preferred

Melonii seductress · Rogue & wanderer
Tertiary character · Weekly posts · 5 (or less) active threads preferred

Poet and he knows it · Wandering heart
Tertiary character · Weekly posts · 5 (or less) active threads preferred

Lil' potato · Growing too fast & too slow simultaneously
Pup character · Posts whenever I feel like it

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