Profile of Ibis: Quick Facts
Bracken Sanctuary

Basic Info
Full Name: Ibis Cerulean
Subspecies: Mixed
(C. l. ligoni, C. l. irremotus, C. l. lupus.)
Sex: Female
Age: 0.5 (May 25, 2018)
Birthplace: Sunspire Mountain, Teekon Wilds
At A Glance
[Image: C7NV8yk.jpg]
[ H 2ft | L 3.5ft | W 50-70 lbs ]
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Profile of Ibis: Details
Ibis has started to grow a little bit bigger, but even when she reaches her adult size she will be dwarfed by everyone; her "little" brother soon outclasses her in every physical regard. Her coat only darkens a few shades, and the addition of her guard hairs and winter coat adds a slight depth to the silver tones throughout it. The soft wheat tones of her baby coat become a pale golden crown across the top of her head, flow along her thin sides, and eventually engulf her tail. The darkest portion of her coat appears as a smudge of muted charcoal across her shoulders which lightens as it creeps down her spine, and brushes the end of her tail.
This girl is emotional, judgmental, easily hurt, and very lonely. Ibis is devoted to her mother and her brother; it started out as an equal level of love and affection but has shifted with the changes in her life, leading to a stronger attachment to Okeanos, who she considers to be her best friend and greatest confidant. She does not make friends easily. Ibis lives with her heart on her sleeve, her emotions ready to be manipulated, and because of this she grows envious of the other children easily. She covets her own small family and is slow to warm up to outsiders, but she is (thankfully) young enough that such behaviors have not cemented themselves yet. She is currently very uncertain of her world; it is hard for her to trust that Elysium is home she's destined to grow up in.
Pack History
Her father Terance and mother Seabreeze, along with her brother Okeanos, and the wolves of Elysium. She is related to the DiSarinno and Redleaf families through her estranged father. After her mother took a woman named Olive as her partner, the two began to socialize their children together, so Ibis now sees Eleuthera and Seamus as estranged step-siblings, but they do not get along.
Ibis was born on May 25th 2018 upon Sunspire Mountain.

The mountain struggled soon after as food became harder to hunt. Fearing for the lives of her children Seabreeze took her newborns away from Sunspire, and they eventually found The Bracken Sanctuary, which became their new home for a little while.

Eventually they were uprooted from there too. Their parents' already strained relationship showed no signs of recovery and so there was a split, and a decision to be made. Both children opted to go with their mother, who took them to Elysium, their new paradise.
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