Profile of Hyacinth: Quick Facts
Mate to Zephyr
Played By: mutton
Basic Info
Full Name: Hyacinth
Previously: Aeryn, Phillip
Subspecies: rocky mountain & grey
Size: Medium, Muscular
Sex: Male
Pronouns: he/him
Age: 2 (4/20/19)
Birthplace: Elysium
Profile of Hyacinth: Details
[Image: zeplip_4.png]

Hyacinth’s coloration is unlike his immediate family; he has dark fur, with a lighter gray that starts on his chin and ends near his belly. His eyes are pale yellow, always wide and sparkling. A patch of fur is missing on the left side of his head from falling in a river and hitting it on a rock. Multiple scars—large and small—are dispersed along his body.

Parents: Aliac & Sunny
Siblings: Minnow & Valiant
morningside bloodline

Partner: Zephyr

The combination of wicked wolves and startling events throughout his developmental years has morphed Hyacinth from a bright eyed boy to a man afraid of his own shadow. As timid and jumpy as he is with most he meets, he tries his best to treat them with kindness he wishes to be treated with. Whether it’s from the goodness of his heart or fear of horrible consequences depends on the situation. More often than not it’s a mix of the two.

Neverwinter Forest
The Stowaways
Ivory Rose
Profile of Hyacinth: Additional Information
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Art Credits
appearance: suledin
Player Notes
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hi im mutton, im 19, i use he/they pronouns, and i’m sexy as hell ahaha

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