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All Welcome  September 13, 2019, 10:53 AM
Ivory Rose
takes place at the beginning of PHASE TWO ( 9/16 )
this will be my only post. I’ll be closing this on monday.
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aeryn did not think to ask @Sunny the whereabouts of his sister, nor @Valiant. @Minnow had disappeared again. this wasn’t the first time either. the concern he felt when his sister was taken had not been forgotten, nor the pain when he saw aliac’s corpse. dear god, would minnow meet the same fate as their mother?

it was a possibility.

all reason was thrown to the wayside. panic drove him away from elysium’s borders and out into that huge world. he couldn’t sit back and wait for his sister’s return, he had to do something. strange things have been affecting the earth. it moved every so often. this was no hallucination. he and the inhabitants of elysium felt the quiver just days before. what if minnow had gotten hurt then?

aeryn had searched the lands for days with no leads. he was at his wits end by the time the sun rised on the third day. this was hopeless. why did he think he’d have a chance of finding minnow? he was only a child, this should have been left to the adults.
the boy would eventually turn back. he’d return to elysium, apologize to his father, and reluctantly let someone else find her. teardrops trailed behind as he walked along the edge of the river. i’m so sorry minnow. i’m so-

the thought was cut short. the earth shook beneath his feet, just as it had done before. it was subtle at first, but as the seconds went by it grew more violent. he tried running, but it was much too difficult to keep a proper footing. he looked like a frightened new born deer. 

senses were lost. blood rushed through his ears, in his head. the cherub flirted with the riverbank until


it was so morbidly peaceful. for a moment, aeryn felt nothing. no fear, no panic.


but then his head crashed through the surface. he was able to open his eyes and process the situation. he was rushing down the river. faster, faster, faster.

he tried to scream. tried calling for sunny. nothing came out. water scorched his vocal chords.

and in a flash he was pulled under again. there was no time to react. he couldn’t.

his skull collided with a bolder.

when aeryn rose to the surface, he was no longer conscious.