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avatar & appearance by kite; at a glance by rivaah, commissioned by cyprin
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Full Name: Alarian Pan Keil
Subspecies: Mexican Wolf
Size: Small
Sex: Male
Age: 4 (02/04/2016)
Birthplace: Sunfil Grove
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[Image: alidar.png]
        Elfin, delicately sculpted with all the spring-kissed charm of the honey nymphs, darkened by tragedy. A statuette in an ashen cloak; cherubic woodland spirit, bow in hand, chipped and marred by conflict and time yet altogether unchanged. Marble-carved tribute to what he once was: a bright-eyed boy wearing his heart on his sleeve, anxious to heal the world with smiles and promises of sanctuary. Dryadic; a somber spirit forgotten to the wilds, overgrown with ivy and wildflowers and teeming with all the life in the world save his own.

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