Profile of Alarian: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Alarian
Subspecies: Mexican Wolf with insignificant amounts of variation
Sex: Male
Age: 2.5 (02/04/16)
Birthplace: Sunfil Grove (Outside Teekons)
At A Glance
Heavily scarred                Tiny, delicate build                Feminine features

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Profile of Alarian: Details
        Petite and finely crafted with delicate, feminine features. Thin, silky coat composed mainly of a cloak of charcoal and silvery-grey. His underside, limbs, throat, and muzzle are a deep sandy color broken only by charcoal socks and mask.
        A thick, jagged aged scar stretches from the left side of his nose to just below his right eye, while his left cheek is marred by a scar resembling a half-glasgow grin (from Xan). The shade of his right eye frequently shifts between pale champagne, honey-gold, and bronze; as of 07/20/2018, his left eye is completely sightless and a pale, cloudy blue color, covered by a scar extending from his brow to his cheek.
        Though mostly hidden by long, thin fur, several scars can be occasionally be observed on Alarian's body. Multiple long-healed bite wounds mar his chest and neck. Three long scars left by massive claws lurk under the fur on his right flank. A long scar hides under the fur across the rightmost portion of his skull. Many small, gnarled scars scattered down his scruff and back. A ridged, puckered, particularly unsightly scar marks his left hip and can only rarely be seen, while several scars mar his left haunch, the source of his limp, with more scar tissue on his inner thigh; both from Runion.

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Nothing thicker than a knife's blade separates happiness from melancholy.

— Virginia Woolf
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