Profile of Star: Quick Facts
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Mate to Howl
Played By: summer
Marked Away: Not specified.
May 12, 2021 — Unknown
Basic Info
Full Name: Star
Subspecies: Buffalo Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 7 (June 8th, 2013)
Birthplace: Far North
At a Glance
A cloud that grew legs.
[Image: 1589727196457.png]
Profile of Star: Details
”abracadabra, gone is all of this...”

Snow white and fluffy with big, dark eyes. She has a short muzzle and a fluffy neck. A tiny figure, with short yet muscular legs.
[Image: 20200122-185403.gif]
From Crescendo- on her left shoulder, a scar shaped as a spiral with a line through it. A faded red pawprint on her forehead. Scars in pawpads.
[Image: 20200122-185323.gif]
A woman of few words, hardened by her experience with torture. In her later years she has lightened up and become more social.
[Image: 20200122-185351.gif]

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Left home and ended up in Swiftcurrent Creek, where she settled. A few months later, when her mind was in a haze while high, she trespassed in Blackfeather Woods territory. She got into a fight with two wolves, Raissa and Bane. She was knocked out and woke up in the caves underground, where she wandered, trying to find an escape from Mephala's web. After a series of torture and interrogation, she was returned home by Bane, but not before there was a battle between the two packs. Swiftcurrent lost but managed to get away with Star, who struggled to find her way back into regular life. Eventually she left and became a nomad for many years, bouncing from one pack to the next but never finding a permanent home. She returned to the Wilds and met Andraste, at which point she pledged herself to Courtfall. Courtfall served her well, but after Andraste's tragic death, Star joined the pack to merge with Diaspora and become Sagtannet. During this time she fell in love with Howl, eventually taking him as mate before having her first litter in life with him.
Pack History
COURTFALL- Mavroimë, Nov. 8th- Jan. 29th
SAGTANNET- Klinge, Feb 2nd- present
Profile of Star: Additional Information
Registered on June 12, 2014, last visited (Hidden)
thanks to the influences of Courtfall and Sagtannet, Star has some very light experience with German.
Player Notes
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PRIMARY: Huā, Caerus
TERTIARY: Takeshi, Fionn, Lacoste
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