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Basic Info
Full Name: Star
Subspecies: Buffalo Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 6 (June 8th, 2013)
Birthplace: Far North
At A Glance
A cloud that grew legs.
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Profile of Star: Details
Star is snowy white. She has a fluffy mane on her neck and large, empty black eyes. Star has short muscular legs and a small form. On her left shoulder she has a cut shaped like a spiral with a line through it, given to her by Crescendo. There is also a much fainter crimson pawprint on her forehead, also from Crescendo, incredibly faded from repeated washing and barely noticeable. Her pelt is generally laced with old scars, some more visible than others. Her appearance is handling her age surprisingly well, as she still looks relatively young.
She is the strong silent type. She is a powerful hunter and fighter- unfortunately she is small and looks down on herself for it. Her period as a captive crushed her streak of loyalty.
Left mountain where she lived with father and sister.
She ended up in Swiftcurrent Creek territory.
A few months after, when her mind was in a haze she trespassed in Blackfeather Woods territory. She got into a fight with two wolves, Raissa and Bane. She was knocked out and woke up in the caves underground, where she wandered, trying to find an escape from Mephala's web. After a series of torture and interrogation, she was returned to SC by Bane, but not before there was a battle between the two groups. SC lost but managed to get away with Star, who tried to find her way back into the regular life in SC. Eventually she left and became a nomad for several years.
Pack History
-Swiftcurrent Creek- Mu, Iota, Eta
-Captive of BFW
-Returned to Swiftcurrent Creek
-Lone Wolf
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