Thunder Dome but my mother lingered for weeks after a fat guard broke her jaw
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        Perhaps prey might be found within Cantatis;
        and perhaps Undómiel only wished for company not her own.

        The seeds had been planted within her lungs when she had looked upon the very world; and breathes in what green the lichens within the dome have to offer to the whimsical remnants of a decayed woman. She has met the skullgrin, here; has brought the unburnt, once upon a day. Now with her she had drawn the marked matron the into these depths; yet did not delve herself into all that had been wrought three eves past. Would that she wish to cast off now the veil so donned when she had risen from those waters—
        do not think of it must not think of it
        —but Andraste does not speak in the midst of companionable quiet, and only presses the pink of her nose that much more questingly about mossen stone of the flooring.
December 14, 2019, 09:14 PM
She had roamed a little from the Vale. She did not want to meet that wretched girl again- she prayed that she could return home and the creature would magically vanish, though she knew it would never happen. She'd have to put up with that presence- but for now at least, she would wander. 

Here, she came by coincidence upon a familiar face. There was Undómiel, Andraste, someone whom she could bear and actually much liked, nose to the ground. "Andraste," she called out to her in greeting.
December 15, 2019, 09:09 AM
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They were everywhere; unavoidable pests like biting flies. Maud returned to the mountains once the worst of her heat had passed. A wandering spirit, she didn't linger on the Sunspire. She wanted to travel north, being less familiar with that section of the wilds. But to do that required weaving around the new swarm of dogs that settled in the vale. Northstar Vale was a favored spot of hers, which made her thrice as bitter about having to round it.

Now, Maud dozed in the hidden forest, deeming it relatively safe in that it was one-hundred percent wolf-free... until it wasn't. A small ear flicked atop her head when it detected a disturbance. She roused easily in catlike fashion, ever-ready to pounce into action — even from slumber. Listening fully now, she recognized the noise as voices. She pulled herself to her feet and stretched out her legs, preparing them for fight or flight.

Her keen eyes spotted the white dogs with ease against the greenery, and they hardened into a ruby glare. Their scent was that of the vale wolves. She clenched her jaw, hair-trigger temper activated. No matter where she went, dogs inevitably followed. And worse: where there was one, there were more. Maud was just about fed up with it. Deeming some population control was in order, she slunk into the underbrush on silent paws to wrap around them. From the smell of it, there were only two here. If she could catch them off-guard, they shouldn't be too much trouble.

Their backs were to her. Analyzing them, she chose the smaller, elder dog as her prey. Hind muscles coiled, tension spreading up to her neck until she sprung. Broad paws beat the earth as she sprinted full speed ahead. She soared, arms extended with unsheathed claws aiming to sink into the old crone after barreling her over. Should they flee, she would easily catch her quarry. Should they fight... well, they'd have to answer to needle claws and the blades of her teeth.
December 15, 2019, 07:18 PM

        loam-scuffed nose takes to air; shorn lips parting against her own wishes for quietude; but it is what she sees reaching wraith and looming for the marked vagrant that has some ruinous and wrathful thing of cruel bedlam bellowing from the breast of the little and warless fée.

        In the hour of this heartbeat, Andraste adores the silverchased hide, and the heft that roils heavy beneath it. Perchance her Valitúrë were near, and they would rent the very marrow from those reaching limbs; and once her littermate's coveted pearl gnawed the gristle from argent coat, the faerie queene would lie it upon the stone of her lair for when her belly grew fat with lionflesh and her brood must feast themselves the slurry of it until their drifting into a sweet and sated slumber.

        And so it was that this became her heart's only desire  —  to relieve this beast of both.

        Slavering huntress, she;
        Undómiel arrows her elder's way, leaving the earth in a swiveling leap as the lioness lunges forth for the matron; seeking to land claws-first and square upon those grey and terrible shoulders.
December 15, 2019, 10:59 PM
rolled! so Maud lands on star and can tear her up! (but not too much eeek! dont want another rhode situation :P)

But she would not get to chat with Andraste today. There was a thunder that came from behind her, a thudding of heavy feet upon the ground. Curiosity and wonder would have her turned only to find the face of a beast. There was no time for her to marvel at those warm eyes, because the creature came slamming down upon her like a boulder.

Star was tackled by the silver cat, head hitting hard against the earth. She could already feel blood leaking from her cranium upon its impact with the ground. A sense of shock, pain, and total fear kept her pinned under the cat's claws. She was scarcely aware of Andraste's own bold and fearsome leap- she could only feel the blood pooling at her skull. 

But she gathered up what strength she could, attempting to free herself from the beast's grip with a wild shake and laborious effort. Perhaps if Andraste could throw Maud off with her attack, then maybe Star could wiggle out to help in the battle. Hoping to assist her wild movement, she attempted to sink her teeth into the cat's ankle if she could reach it.
December 16, 2019, 07:15 AM
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Ouch… ): Don't worry, Maud will be suuuper gentle this time.

Sheer bliss coursed through her nerves in waves upon feeling that bodily thud, the hot squelch of flesh giving way to claw, the pooling of blood. Merciless jaws fell agape like a readied steel trap, snapping shut around the dog's throat if able. But, as always, there was another dog with this one. Maud was reminded of its presence when she felt a body slam into her side and dig its dull claws into her shoulder. She nearly bowled over but kept her feet rooted firm in the elder dog beneath her. Regaining her balance, she reluctantly wrenched her claws out of warm flesh and skin to retaliate, letting her quarry wriggle free.

Before the elder could leap into the fray, she leapt back to put a bit of space between herself and the other snow dog. She reeled back a toned forearm and swung her bladed paw at the wraith's mangled face in hopes of crippling her before this battle became a one v. two. If she took this blow to the head, it would rattle her brain in her skull while claws slashed angry gouges through her delicate skin. All the while, Maud would keep an eye on the other canine, for she was still her quarry. She would only switch targets if the hale wolf was severely incapacitated.

She saw a blur of movement in the corner of her eye but was unable to react with her primary focus on the younger dog. Sharp pain coursed up her right leg, eliciting a piercing shriek from the lioness. Instinctively, she turned to swat the pest away, which would leave her wide open to attack should the other wolfess recover in time.
December 16, 2019, 09:47 AM

o o f   don't worry sis ur Life Alert is HERE & it is PISSED believes in u, also repost bc i didnt see maud's reaction to ankle ripriprip

        Blunt pearl claws lance into the wildcat's fell shoulder, which only yielded enough in the stumbling and sundering of however she so meant to turn the old huntress to ribbons. It was only when the familiar scything fell into flesh, furrowing into her more ever-marred cheek, that put to rest any other motion she might have to her advantage. Not the full, heavyweight walloping that was so intended; but the heft behind those two talons was enough to have Andraste flung again in the cardinal direction that she had only just arrived; staggering even as Star began her own onslaught.

        Oh— her matron would be bedecked in this silver.
        And her cubs were going to shit all over the rest.

        When the silverspit anchors away to see to the writhing Star, it was an opportunity to weigh in her own self once more; at either the vulnerable flex of throat or to hew into the deep chest. That spiderwebbed spine and those thin shoulders could not be a more disheartening sight; but for all that Undómiel was so-thought bold, she too was bantam. So, because she did not think that there would be much time left given for recovery, and a lioness to hunt:
        Andraste so chooses to rock forth from her hinds and serpentine her way for the shoulders once more  —  and does not go for the beckoning of the throat and that thrumming vein tucked beneath the jaw. Strangulation would take too long with time that the females do not have.

        Should the lioness whip about once more, Andraste hopes that the weight of her is upon her shoulders and neck; so that she might fang her way to the base of this gray skull and exact a swift killing bite.
December 17, 2019, 09:12 PM
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The cat's jaws came down upon her throat, and she could see her life flash before her eyes as the fangs touched her skin. Oh fuck, this is it, she thought.

In that instant, the pale guardian angel soared across the sky, slamming into the side of the beast. The cat staggered, though continuing to dig its claws into Star- until it leapt backward, freeing its weapons from Star's old flesh. The woman, though wounded and dizzy, pulled her body upward as best she could, stumbling to the side to regain a balance, as blood leaked from the point of impact on her head as well as the fresh wounds in her skin. In that instant, a flash across her vision, as the creature's claws lash out upon the face of the stricken.

Oh- her leader! Star is a mere follower, and her one intent has always been to serve and provide for the people in her home, especially a leader worthy of respect. And she does not yet know Andraste as well as she would wish- but seeing the filthy cat cut into the face of Undómiel, is enough to fill her with a fire. 

And in the instant that the girl digs her fangs into cat's ankle, she is batted away like a toy. A muscled yet pathetically small little toy, a snowball hurled across the ground by the strength of the beast. 

Once again she struggles upward, to find Andraste throwing herself upon it's back. Tired of being a liability to the queen, she dashes forward at full speed, curving around the side and hoping to slam into the cat's ribs with her weight. If not to knock the breath out of her, considering Star's size- than at least to shake her, give her something else to worry about. And if she gets a chance, she'll bite wherever on the flank she can reach.
December 18, 2019, 06:46 AM
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You're good. ♥

The spry wolfess was lucky to not suffer the full force of her swing, but it was enough to send her careening nonetheless. Maud easily swatted the old one away. She moved to seal her fate while she was down when a weight dropped onto her shoulders, familiar dull claws raking at her skin. This dog was not quite as fragile as she appeared. Never before had she seen a wolf pull a move like this, but no matter. She shook vigorously to make the wolfess lose her grip and fall; but it was she who fell, blindsided by the old bitch while her balance was off. At least it knocked the rider from her back.

Unlike them, the lion was gifted with two sets of weapons opposed to one. Being on her back left her no less deadly, even as that damned elder sank fangs into her flank. With an air-splitting caterwaul, Maud lunged for her. Faded paw mark as her target, her own paw aimed to slam down on her skull right between the ears. If successful in ridding her flesh of teeth, she would quickly rise to her feet. Blood dribbled down her side, but the huntress still had fight left in her. Craftily, she'd feign another attack on her quarry only to whirl around when the willowy woman came for her. Long fangs flashed bare, she would sink them into the trunk of her neck if able, claws piercing muscle to hold her still.
December 18, 2019, 06:57 PM

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        The support of Star proved also a disservice — though this was not the matron's to be faulted for, especially in the midst of tidings such as these. Still;
        she is sent cascading over lichen and stone by the stumbling of the lioness through the dame's jostling; teeth of the cavern wheeled above her, beneath her, and the stricken could scarce make out the flurrying of retaliation against Star as she herself sought to gain her bearing with fumbling foothold. It is through halfsight that she spies the lioness righting herself from belly-beckoning position  —
        —  and has only the last petering flicker of a heartbeat to weave beneath that clawed reaching; a lapse that is the product of her being taken unawares by her ebbing wooziness and the silverspit's feinting. Two sets of weaponry there may very well be against the two she-wolves;
        but Andraste is small and scarred and forbids herself from becoming one with the earth  (not yet dust not yet not yet not yet)  and with a sudden surge she opens slathering jaws to perhaps find purchase upon the tender tucking of flesh behind arm-pit.

        All that she lacks in brawn, surely her elder will deal out in spades;
        sunknived spine arched deep; rawboned hips aswivel to further her own administrations.
December 28, 2019, 06:48 PM
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also I hope u dont mind sparxbut I think I will have star get slammed in a diff spot, just bc i dont want her losing teeth ;_;

The beast came for her. Suddenly her vision was filled by that massive paw, and all she could manage in that time was to spin around as if to dash off, if at least to avoid the breaking of jaw and skull. The paw comes down upon her side though, and the little old woman is slammed to the ground with full force. The pain courses through her like fire, burning. 

The cat almost came for her again, only to whirl for Andraste. Star gathers herself up from the ground, barely able to see in the flash of motion before her. And now the queen throws herself at the cat again, intelligently focusing on a painful spot of weakness, skin lacking muscle.

Not bothering to stand and watch to see if the girl is successful, Star takes the cat's focus on the girl and uses it to her advantage (or so she hopes). With a dash like lightning, and a bold leap, she attempts to throw herself upon the creature's back. Maybe get in a bite at her shoulders or nape if she could. And if she was fiercely thrown off onto the ground, so be it. She would bruise as many times as she had to in order to rid them of the cat's terror.
December 31, 2019, 11:40 AM
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No worries! You have total control over what happens to your character. ♥

Disappointingly, the young wolfess narrowly dodged her would-be brutal attack and sank teeth in the flesh behind her foreleg. It was the one place her weapons struggled to reach. With the opposite arm, she swatted at any part of the pest she could snag. As she did, the other dog tossed herself atop her shoulders and clamped down on her nape. Maud screeched, overwhelmed by the two-pronged attack. She dropped onto her side to dislodge the elder on her back, claws swinging wildly to disloldge the youth.

Making a meal of the old bitch turned out to be more trouble than it was worth thanks to the companionship of the spry mountain wolfess. Her own blood dribbled crimson streaks down her monochrome sides and onto the ground from the puncture wounds left by their blunt teeth. If able to fend them off long enough, she'd gather her paws beneath her and flee.
January 01, 2020, 07:48 PM

staying vague for now

        Writhing; thrashing; matron matriarch; lioness, gone;
        when all that is left is the ragged, spent breathings and the too-stillness of the cavern holding its own, the fairylight flits to her senior as soon as she is able to remain steady upon all four paws. Nevermind her own hurts:  "Come, Star,"  the argent rasps, vigil in stance alongside the elder and more than willing to help her to her paws if need be. Would that she could simply tend to her hurts here ... but there was no telling when the wretched Maud would return. So:  "She may return to taste ze blood we have left behind. It would be far more prudent to tend to you within ze Court."

        For now, it would do all of them well to stay afar from Cantatis.
January 02, 2020, 08:00 PM
Star felt a rush of satisfaction as her fangs met the nape of the beast. It wildly thrashed about, throwing her off its side with a drop to the ground. The old woman began to pull herself up again with ancient bones creaking, but in this time it seemed the combined efforts of the young and old warrior were enough. The cat took its chance to flee. And now that the rush of battle no longer coursed through her, she became excruciatingly aware of the pain. The pain in her aging muscles, the pain in places where talons had met flesh. A younger Star would've felt a sense of victory, but now all she felt was tired. Andraste encouraged them to return home, and Star nodded wordlessly, following her leader away from the bloodstained ground.