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Basic Info
Full Name: 姹熻姳鐝/Ji膩ng Hu膩zh膿n
Name Meaning: Pearl flower of the river
Epithets: siren, mermaid, empress, siamese
Subspecies: Coastal Wolf
Sex: Female
Gender: girl
Pronouns: she/her
Age: 3 (10/23/17)
Birthplace: beaches a la San Francisco
Scent: Lavender, Seasalt
At A Glance
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Hu膩 is currently away. Reason: phasing out most characters, mains will stay until May
Away Since: March 29, 2021 — Returns on: Unknown

Profile of Hu膩: Details

鈥濃攋ust like a moonlight and a tide鈥

sandy brown fur complimented by legs and a head that darken to a rocky black, round seaglass eyes peering out from dark face. hu膩 is tiny and slender; built with the delicate, willowy elegance of a swan.

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鈥漵ometimes i feel you pull away from me...鈥

compassionate, impulsive
True Neutral

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The story of a nobleman's daughter, lowered to a slave, and then risen again, to empress.

Hu膩 was born by the sea and raised by her parents for only a short amount of time. However, she was passed to her aunt in the forest by the beach when food got scarce on the shore, and her parents disappeared. She and two sisters got along well with older cousins. Unforetunately when her aunt died, her male cousin moved them to the beach once again, into a cave by the shore. He became controlling and threatening, and began to [TW:r*pe] sexually sell out Hu膩 and her sisters to lone wolves for a month or two with the help of his friends, among many other women, before Hu膩 escaped and ran away with her sisters. Eventually she left her sisters further south along the coasts, as her spirit pulled her north, though she kept them in her heart. After a short time in the Wilds, her sisters followed her, leading to a joyful reunion. However, a need to join a pack for the winter caused tension between the girls, who each had differing opinions on the matter. Eventually Hu膩 dragged herself to Rusalka with the persuasion of Ying, though she continued to take frequent vacations to the beach. After Ying's several challenges and Hu膩's absences, the girls are made to submit by Rosalyn and Erzulie. However, things heated up when the sisters argued, and soon the trio was made to leave. Ying left her sisters to spend time alone, while Mei and Hu膩 headed to Wheeling Gull Isle and decided to set up camp. Eventually Ying returned, and one by one relatives began to arrive. Wary of numbers, Hu膩 begins to recruit foreigners to bolster the ranks. Word of Ying's creation of the army Junshi comes to her through an indirect source while traveling- at this time she also meets Mal and Dacio, both of whom she has sex with. Upon her return home, she and Ying confront eachother about their perceived mistakes- but soon they make up. Hu膩 promotes Ying to empress, creating a temporary hour of peace. In this time she is betrothed to Atausiq, the son of Greyback. The peace is temporary, though, as her sister gets amnesia after falling in a river, causing Hu膩 to promote Atausiq in her absence. Hu膩 gives birth to the children of Mal and Dacio- Xiaoqing, Haoming, N眉wu, and Luli- the day after Ying dissapears from the wilds. Atausiq travels to Easthollow to deliver news of his family, but upon his return home is taken by the sea. Experiencing such loss in short time is a struggle for her, but she distracts herself with the care of her new children and her suddenly-large pack.

Pack History

her sisters, 鏄犳湀/Yingyue and 缇庣弽/Meizhen
younger brother unbeknownst to her, 浜戣櫄/Yunxu
her children, 濂冲帆/N眉wu, 闇茶帀/Luli, 娴╂槑/Haoming, and 灏忛潚/Xiaoqing
a crush on Mal
idolizes Hydra
greatly trusts Aiolos, something of a brother or brother-in-law to her
her hit list, Merrick, Astara, Donovan, and Nemisis
message me to adopt relatives. i will find a cousin or maybe half-sib for you
娴烽緳娉绘箹- Oct. 2017- May. 2019
LONE WOLF- May. 2019- Dec. 2019
RUSALKA- Dec. 24- Feb. 1st
PLEDGED- Feb. 1st- Feb. 26
- Feb. 27- present
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