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Basic Info
Full Name: 江花珍/Jiang Huā Zhen
Name Meaning: Pearl Flower of the River
Epithets: siren, mermaid, empress
Subspecies: Coastal Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 years (10/23/17)
Birthplace: distant beaches
At A Glance
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”kiss my ring,
but you may not


appearance dull sandy tan fur complimented by legs and a head that darken to a rocky black. seaglass eyes. lithe and petite. tangled fur due to saltwater in the air and frequent dips in the ocean. these days she holds her head high to match her role as empress.
personality devoted to the sea, she values soul over body, and finds peace in water. paranoid & emotional yet quick to turn giddy; a total wild card. indecisive, she floats here and there without purpose or direction.

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Huā was born by the sea and raised by her parents for only a short amount of time. However, she was passed to her aunt in the forest by the beach when food got scarce on the shore, and her parents disappeared. She and two sisters got along well with older cousins. Unforetunately when her aunt died, her male cousin moved them to the beach once again. He became controlling and threatening, and began to sexually pimp out Huā and her sisters to lone wolves for a month or two with the help of his friends, before Huā escaped and ran away with her sisters. Eventually she left her sisters further south along the coasts, as her spirit pulled her north, though she kept them in her heart. After a short time in the Wilds, her sisters reunited with her, leading to a joyful reunion. However, a need to join a pack for the winter caused tension between the girls, who each had differing opinions on the matter. Eventually Huā dragged herself to Rusalka with the persuasion of Ying, though she continued to take frequent vacations to the beach. After Ying's several challenges and Huā's absences, the girls are made to submit by Rosalyn and Erzulie. However, things heated up when the sisters argued, and soon the trio was made to leave. Ying left her sisters to spend time alone, while Mei and Huā headed to Wheeling Gull Isle and decided to set up camp. Eventually Ying returned, and one by one relatives began to arrive. Wary of numbers, Huā begins to recruit foreigners to bolster the ranks.
Pack History
RUSALKA- Dec. 24 - Feb. 1st
PLEDGED- Feb. 1st- Feb. 26
YUÈLÓNG- Feb. 27- present
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