Profile of Huā: Quick Facts
Lone Wolves

Basic Info
Full Name: Huā
Subspecies: Coastal Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 years (10/23/17)
Birthplace: distant beaches
At A Glance
An innocent feminine face with distant eyes hides plenty of experience.
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Profile of Huā: Details
Sandy brown fur complimented by legs and a face that darken to a rocky black. Sea-green eyes. Long legs and a fairly slim lean build. Though not ugly, not a sight to see either. Raggedy tangled fur due to saltwater in the air and frequent dips in the ocean.
voice reference:
Hua has a deep connection with nature. She grew up by the ocean which inspired her love for it. She has a free spirit, an open mind, and shifts from place to place, indecisive and wishy-washy. She tends to focus on the spirit and mind more than the body and she sees the body as a temporary vessel for the soul and therefore unimportant. She can sometimes come off as emotionally distant and unsocial.

Hua was born by the sea and raised by her parents for only a short amount of time, who taught her basic mandarin. However, she was passed to her aunt in the forest when food got scarce on the beach, and her parents disappeared, possibly through starvation or other circumstances. She (and two sisters) got along well with the somewhat older cousins. However, when her aunt died, her cousin An moved them to the beach once again. He became controlling and threatening, and began to pimp out Hua and her sisters to lone wolves for a month or two, before Hua ran away with her sisters. Her trauma from those experiences contributes to her belief that the physical being is unimportant, as her body was used against her will. Eventually she left her sisters further south along the beach, as her spirit pulled her further north, though she keeps them in her heart.
cousin- An. + two sisters
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