Profile of Vercingetorix: Quick Facts

Art by Ellie
Dragoncrest Cliffs

Basic Info
Full Name: Vercingetorix
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 3 (May 2015)
Birthplace: Seageda
At A Glance
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primary character · frequent posts
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Profile of Vercingetorix: Details

Length 6 ft · Height 35 in · Weight 150 lbs

Large and in charge. Tall, dark, and handsome.
Eyes with double sectoral heterochromia—
both of them half silver, half blue.
[Image: B63l5xw.png]

Art by Ellie & King

ESTP · Chaotic Good · Sanguine

Loyal, but not mindlessly so. Always cracking jokes.
An incorrigible flirt. Charming but deadly.
Pack History
Parents: Ecca & Titan
Littermate: Llyr
Older Siblings: Helix, Gavriel, Luthien, Antumbra
Bastard Children: Many, probably

Protectee: Antumbra

Unknown to him
November 2018 - present

November 2015 – November 2018

May 2015 – November 2015
Profile of Vercingetorix: Additional Information
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Attached Accounts
Common · Trigedasleng
Antumbra is allowed to PP Vercingetorix in any threads;
Can always be assumed to be close to Heda.
Player Information: Miryam
Registered on March 07, 2016, last visited 3 hours ago
Time Zone Central Standard (CST)
Most Active Weekends, some weeknights

Elysium leadership · Therapist · Ambassador
Primary character · Daily posts · 10-15 active threads preferred

Drageda warrior · Heda's bodyguard
Primary character · Posts every few days · 5-10 active threads preferred

Healer · Family-oriented
Secondary character · Weekly posts · 5 (or less) active threads preferred

Rosings woman · Natural leader
Secondary character · Weekly posts · 5 (or less) active threads preferred

Melonii seductress · Rogue & wanderer
Secondary character · Weekly posts · 5 (or less) active threads preferred

OOC =/= IC
Just because my character doesn't like your character doesn't mean I don't like you. Easy as that. None of my actions in-character reflect my feelings outside of character. If you are ever feeling uncomfortable with a plot or dynamic, please PM me and we can try and resolve it.

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I am trying to cut back on OOC plotting and only do it loosely, now. Long-term ideas are always subject to change. That being said, if you have an idea for a short-term plot or wrench, feel free to PM me. I love surprises in my inbox (the good kind, anyway).

I post infrequently on the Adoptables forum, so with that said, all my characters' relatives are up for grabs, if they haven't been created already. If you see a cool name or picture, just shoot me a PM and I can help you get set up. I love seeing my fambly in-game.