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RIP Kavik
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Basic Info
Full Name: Kavik Tonrar
Subspecies: Timber Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 3 (5/28/2016)
Birthplace: Alaska
At A Glance
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The strong, silent type

Weight: 170lbs
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Profile of RIP Kavik: Details

Coat:  #000000 Eyes:  #03C03C



—Proud or humble depending on the situation






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Alignment: Neutral Good
Pack History
Mate: none

        with Alessia born 3/12/19:
        Helios, Lainie, Polaris, & Zephyr
        with Rosalie born 6/30/19:
        Soter, Morena, & Manon

        with Grezig born 3/23/20:
        Alsek & Pele
        with Agana born 3/?/20:

Former mates:
LONE WOLF - 3/20/2018 to 6/1/2018

BRACKEN SANCTUARY - 6/1/2018 to 6/25/2018

NORTHSTAR VALE - (PLEDGED) 6/25/2018 to 8/1/2018

BLACKTAIL DEER PLATEAU - (Alpha) 8/1/2018 to 12/26/2018

SWIFTCURRENT CREEK - (Alpha) 12/27/2018 to 10/3/2019

LONE WOLF - 10/3/2019 to 11/12/2019

UAINE GORSEDD - (pledged) 11/12/2019 to present
Profile of RIP Kavik: Additional Information
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Player Information: Hela
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Discord: Hela#6002

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