Profile of Siqsa: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Siqsa Xandir 'Ntima'(Dragon)
Subspecies: Blue Bay Wolfdog/Grey subspecies
Sex: Male
Age: 2 (10-31-16)
Birthplace: The fire-scarred rooted den outside of Teekon.
At A Glance
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Profile of Siqsa: Details
Fur of sinful black with a shimmer of blue in the sunlight. Irises of molten fire. A mixture in stature between bulky and tall.
Calm, silent, and purposed to stay that way. His comfort zone is always being on top of the game.

Will manipulate to get what he wants. Beware when he shows interest.
Raised partially by a late one-night-stand victim of his 'father' Slade, the 1 year old came across a pup who was same age as him. While he swears he can't live with her, secretly he can't live without her. Together, they ventured through the wilds until he came across his Father, who was delusional enough to commit suicide. In the final words of 'Family', Siqsa decided to start his own path. Well, a path that he chose to share with Arana.

Until he lost her.
Until he lost everyone.
Pack History
Slade Xandir - Father
Arana - Adopted sister.
Born into The Nightmares

Joined - Blacktail Deer Plateau

Profile of Siqsa: Additional Information
Will now always have his head hung low, and his scruff will grow backwards where Flicker snatched his pompous ass up.
Think of Night Lycanroc's scruff.
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Speaks Tsis, which will always have a hover translation. So hover, damnit! xD
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