Profile of RIP Polaris: Quick Facts
RIP Polaris
Mate to West Tyree
Played By: jem
Basic Info
Full Name: polaris tonrar
Subspecies: coywolf
Sex: Female
Age: 1 (12/03/2019 )
Birthplace: swiftcurrent creek, teekon wilds
Died: 4th January 2021
At a Glance
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Profile of RIP Polaris: Details
“Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.”

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chaotic good
an absolute aesthete, polaris relishes in the natural world around her. inquisitive and energetic; she is constantly fascinated by the smallest things that most would overlook. constantly restless, this wanderlust girl finds it difficult to stay put and yearns to discover everything the world has to offer. Yet she's fiercely loyal and would struggle to abandon any to do so.

*since losing her family and meeting wolves outside of teekon, polaris has become sharper in nature. an already strong will has grown iron in nature and increased independence has made her bolder. although empathic, she will no longer cringe before harshness and is quick to stand up for what she believes in. reckless and impulsive the girl has abandoned any such shell she may have hid behind before and is in no way naive to the darker aspects of the world she marvels at.

little dove
willowy limbed and supple framed, her coyote heritage has strong influence over her lissom figure. short, plush fur coats her in pallid, snow dropped hues. pebbled grey streaks across lean shoulders and fluffy haunches whilst charcoal flecks her shoulder blades. her left ear also sports that nebulous grey whilst the right darkens stormily. her chest and tail are long haired and the tip of her feathered plume is dipped in dove grey. inquisitive eyes are bicoloured, her left an icy blue and her right a warm hazel.

*polaris now sports two identical scars across her left flank where vengeance's fangs tore through skin leaving the fur split and marks permanently visible. she now also has scars on her right shoulder after an attack from takeshi.
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avatars: jaclyn, wilth & florian appearance: wilth bio: florian header: photographed by miryam
fc: octavia - the 100
[Image: polaris-BABY.png]
polaris was born to alessia, kavik and rosalie alongside siblings, lainie, helios and zephyr on 12/03/19. it was a difficult birth and the pups were born sickly. despite this polaris grew determinedly and was a bundle of constant happiness. her first months were spent blissfully in the safety of swiftcurrent creek. however shortly after rosalie gave birth to soter, morena and manon, manon passed away and zephyr and helios disappeared. already distressed at the disappearance of her siblings, when finding out from lainie that zephyr killed manon: polaris didn't know how to react and struggled to view her sister the same way again when she and helios returned.

lainie was gravely injured by the bwp and in october '19 the family decided to leave their home in swiftcurrent creek due to the damage and lack of safety. during their passage through the mountains, they were separated by a rockslide which polaris believed killed the rest of her family. terrified, she fled and came across the familiar face of clay. at her request he let her return with him to the 'nightwalkers' where she was accepted by the warlord vengeance. after becoming 9 months and being promoted to a 'soldier', vengeance decided to 'test' her and injured her in the process. she finally decided to flee the nightwalkers and the teekons altogether, wandering aimlessly until meeting a boy named ronan from a pack called 'amethyst keep'. she grew very close to ronan and joined the pack as a fresh beginning. recovering both mentally and physically there, she finally made the difficult decision to return to the teekons, leaving her new friends behind.
mothers: alessia, rosalie
father: kavik
littermates: helios, lainie & zephyr
siblings: soter, morena & manon

half siblings:
(via kavik) alsek & pele,
(via alessia) electra

deceased | unknown

| bloodlines: keil & eyjolfur |

Pack History
swiftcurrent creek
12/03/19 - 3/10/19
pup - ↑ juvenile

lone wolf
3/10/19 - 20/11/19

21/11/19 - january
whelp - ↑ soldier

amethyst keep
january - 19/3/20

lone wolf
19/3/20 - 3/4/20

3/4/20 - present
newcomer - ↑ family
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