Profile of Āzon: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Āzoniol Ignis
Epithet: Phoenix
Subspecies: 50% Artic wolf, 50% Mackenzie Valley wolf
Size: Large
Sex: Male
Age: 3 years old (August 10th, 2017)
Birthplace: Outside of Teekon Wilds
Sexuality: Demisexual
At A Glance
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Profile of Āzon: Details
Ria P. from Dawnthieves.
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Ria P. from Dawnthieves. Edited by me
Ria P. from Dawnthieves. Edited by me
Ria P. from Dawnthieves. Edited by me

36 inches tall (at shoulders)
180 pounds

Āzon has the physical inherentence of both his parents. With the pale white pelt of his mother and the titan-like build of his father, the he-wolf is long-legged with a muscular build and his eyes are heterochromatic (left eye is green and right eye is red) which was also inhereted from his father. Due to prior abuse from his younger years, many old scars litter the skin beneath Āzon's thick coat.
Alignment: Neutral Good

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Towards strangers:
• Wary
• Distrustful
• Standoffish
• Akward

Towards more trusted individuals:
• Loyal
• Reliable
• Protective
• Sympathetic

Towards everyone:
• Blunt
• Stubborn
• Sarcastic
• Foul-mouthed
Āzon's past is an emotionally draining blur that only those the male holds close to heart will ever know of. The only thing that can be noted is that he arrived to the Teekons a skeletal, feral and unhinged mess that slowly gained back some of his sanity through a few not-so terrible encounters...
Pack History

Parents: Nivera Ignis and Zephyr Ignis
Siblings: Judal Ignis


Love intrest:
Solis Imperium
(1/05/17 through 5/19/20)

Lone Wolf
(7/20/20 through ----)
Profile of Āzon: Additional Information
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ADVISORY WARNING: Āzon's writing contains the following: Graphic violence, Strong language, References to abuse/trauma, and Mature themes in general. If any of this bothers you, I do not recommend roleplaying with this character.

Current Physical Health (10/10)
Āzon is fairly healthy!

Current Mental Health (7/10)
Past traumas has him a bit on edge and he'll probably never be 100% okay in terms of psychological health. Currently suffering from mild Ablutophobia.


Scent of Burnt oak wood

This means that Āzon does not have a gender preference when it comes to choosing a mate. Just as long as it is someone he has a strong emotional connection with, there will exist a romantic/sexual attraction towards said individual. Strictly monogamous.

Trade Focuses


Trade Progress= 2/5

Guardian Specialty: 0/10
Guardian Mastery: 0/20
Major focus is on defensive fighting and controlling and refreshing the borders.

Warrior Specialty: 0/10
Warrior Mastery: 0/20
Major focus is on offensive fighting and training, and escorting important pack members outside the pack territory on official business.


Trade Progress= 0/5

Ambassador Specialty: 0/10
Ambassador Mastery: 0/20
Major focus is on carrying messages to other wolves, recruiting wolves and representing their pack.

Trade Reference Here
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"In order to rise from it's own ashes, a pheonix must first burn."

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