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Basic Info
Full Name: Stream of Creek "Ira"
Subspecies: Mackenzie valley wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 5 Years Old (May 7th, 2015)
Birthplace: Outside Teekon Wilds
At A Glance
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Profile of Ira: Details

Ira is tall and slender; she carries herself with pride and strength. Her face is sharp and thin with a long tapered muzzle and prominent low brows that sit above bright orange eyes. She also has prominent, high cheekbones that frame her face in a masculine look.

Ira has a thin, long neck and limbs. Her fur is a cool grey roan, with silver highlights. Long tufted hair sits between her shoulders, elbows, and haunches while the rest of her is short furred. A long thin scar sits along her front left leg. After getting caught in a cave in, Ira gained another much wider scar along her right thigh and two narrow scars that sit on the bridge of her nose from fending off an intruder.

"Throw me to the wolves, and I'll return leading the pack."



Raised as a noble, and no stranger to the social hierarchy, Ira is dedicated to her roles within the world. She believes its her duty to do good, and follows the natural order. Except, when it comes to her father.

Pragmatic and headstrong, Ira has little feelings to offer for those outside her inner circle. Emotions lead to complications, which lead to her wasting her time and energy. When squabbles or gossip pops up, she is the first to leave. However, if a conflict that threatened the good of others were to arise she would voice her opinions without a second thought, will not bow under trivial matters, and certainly wont be cowed away.

Traditions are one, if not the most utmost important pinnacle values in Iras life. She is reluctant to change, and has trouble believing good will benefit from it. "Our traditions tell our story, they preserve history, and guide us through the future."

STRENGTH:] - - - - - | - - - - -
SPEED:]- - - | - - - - - - -
STAMINA:]- - - - - - - - | - -
FIGHTING:]- - - - - - - | - - -
HUNTING:]- | - - - - - - - - - -
TRACKING:]- - - | - - - - - - -


WEIGHT AND HEIGHT (to shoulder)
110lbs 34in | 49kg 86cm

Younger Voice was AURORA
Voice is Dua Lipa
Theme is Savage Daughter

Pack History
Mother: Venicy†
Father: Greyback

Mate: None
DandelionWynter Blackberry Nutmeg (5/27/20 via Evergreen x Winterbourne)
strike through represents a loss of memory due to being struck by lightning

Step-mother: Valette

Sister: Willows Wind "Willow"
Half-siblings: Newt Leta West Clay

Siblings-in-law: Clary Ezra Steph
Merrit Arlette Keen

Adopted siblings-in-law: KeoniNikai

Grandparents: Whitewind† Asmund†

Aunts in laws: Sesi Nanook
Uncle in laws: Xan

Cousins: (Xan's side) Nunataq Yakone Piper
Martin LucasWyatt
(Nanook's) Selamuit Kallik Taktuq Ikiaq
LONE WOLF — 7/19/2018 till 8/05/2018
EASTHOLLOW — 08/05/2018 till 06/09/2019
KAISTLEOKI — 06/09/2019 till 1/20/21
LONE WOLF — 1/20/21 till present

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