Profile of Speedy: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Speedy Cambria
Subspecies: Mexican Grey Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 years (4/5/2017)
Birthplace: New Mexico
At A Glance
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Weight: 98lbs

Scent: Lavender and honey
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Profile of Speedy: Details

Speedy is on the smaller side for a wolf. She is lean and moves quickly. Her coat is mostly brown and white with a flash of black running from her shoulders to the base of her tail. Her tail is brown and white like most of the rest of her coat but with a black flash at the tip. She has golden-yellow eyes.
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Alignment: Chaotic Good
Speedy comes from a large pack in New Mexico. Her mother and father were the alpha pair. She loved being a part of her pack but felt like it was becoming too crowded for her. Speedy was restless and wanted to venture out on her own and make her own path in life. She felt like it was the only way to satisfy her curious nature.
When Speedy expressed to her parents that she wanted to leave the pack, they were obviously unhappy but understood that she had the right to forge her own path in life. It was very hard to leave her pack, but she knew it was the right choice for her.

Speedy was an apprentice to her healer mother before she left her pack and has some caregiver knowledge in her background.
Pack History
Mother: Wynona
Father: Uzumati

Offspring: x Charon Ostrega
        Born 6/30/2019
        Castor, Acheron, Spica, & Syrma

Lots of siblings! PM me if interested in adopting one!
APACHE CREEK—4/5/2017 to 2/16/2018

LONE WOLF—2/16/2018 to 9/30/18

MOONSPEAR—9/30/18 to 6/5/19

LONE WOLF— 6/5/19 to 6/7/19

KAISTLEOKI— (pledged) 6/7/2019 to present
Profile of Speedy: Additional Information
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NOTE: This character is highly empathetic. She is likely to pick up the subtle emotions of others, especially sadness or anger. If you have an issue with this in one of our threads, please let me know, and I'll gladly edit. :)
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