Profile of Winterbourne: Quick Facts

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Mate to Evergreen

Basic Info
Full Name: Winterbourne "River" Corten
Subspecies: 25% Vancouver Island || 25% Coastal || 50% Eastern Timber
Sex: Male
Age: 2 (04/07/2018)
Birthplace: Dawnlark Plains, Teekon Wilds (Morningside)
At A Glance
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Winterbourne is currently away. Reason: my life is a dumpster fire rn
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Profile of Winterbourne: Details
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A wolf of average size with a lean, muscular build swathed in dense, fluffy fur of silver and varying greys. Missing 3/4 of his tail. Scars wreathing his neck, mostly hidden by thick fur. A white-silver hood, grey-framed face, throat streaked with grey. Slim, handsome features, masked in slightly darker grey with a slate streak across his muzzle, slate eyebrows, and white-silver "eyeshadow" markings. Darkened honey eyes. Reference (by Seiska).

Winterbourne is a man of few words, often guarded with those he deems unfamiliar. Beyond his shell of introversion, he is warm and eager to please his loved ones, dedicated to those he considers family above all else. Though rather single-minded at times, he typically has only the best intentions, seeking to do good deeds where he can even outside his commitment to family and pack. In many ways, however, Winterbourne is still stuck in his childhood; sensitive, anxious, driven more by emotion than logic, maturity stunted by early trauma and the loss of his family. Age has made him more levelheaded, and time spent healing the wounds of his past has given him a new perspective on many aspects of life. In recent months, he's become more thoughtful, though it still tends to be a slower process for him than others.
Pack History
Mate: Evergreen
Children: Pending

Parents: Grayday Corten x Catori "The Spiritwalker" Corten
Littermates: Kasatka "Kitten" & Eventide
Siblings: Sunny, Dawn, Dauntless, Lavender, & Easy
Extended: Murdock, Greeneyes, Sunspot, Shale, Pema, Coelacanth, Stockholm, Koi, Grayling, Sixgill, Thresher, Timberlake, Radcliffe, Padma, Meadow, King, Blueridge, Silversong, Saturnalia, Valkyrie

Profile of Winterbourne: Additional Information
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