Profile of Hieronymous: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Hieronymous Boesch
        Nickname: Hiero
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley
        Eye Color: Sea-foam Green, Brown Dot ®
Death: January 3, 2021
Sex: Male
Age: 4 Years (April 19th, 2016)
Birthplace: Outside of Teekon
At A Glance
[Image: tumblr_oedu6fxA6F1qiiufio1_500.gif]
A beautifully painted mess, tall and athletic. Usually grinning and having a good time. Hiero is an unusual type of handsome with a lean, muscular build - low in fat but heavy in muscles. Voice of Ban of Seven Deadly Sins
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Hieronymous is currently away. Reason: closing threads and killing characters through the next month or so
Away Since: January 03, 2021 — Returns on: Unknown

Profile of Hieronymous: Details

A somewhat large piebald painted man with seafoam green eyes. Just a little over medium-sized, he isn't someone that would stand above a crowd, but his striking pelt certainly draws enough attention. Due to suffering from congenital insensitivity to pain, he has quite a few scars that litter his skin but covered by long hair for the most part. One, in particular, stretches along his cheek, down his neck and finishes on his chest, if he turns his neck a certain way, you can easily spot the scar as the fur spreads. Along his nape there is some harder skin that indicates a long healed-over wound, once again, covered by a thick layer of fur. Along his legs, ragged, bumpy skin is all that is left of scars that eventually found themselves nearly completely covered by fur.

Despite his size, he is relatively heavy. Bestowed with heavy musculature, he has abnormal strength which comes from constantly pushing his body past its abilities since he can't feel the pain that would stop the average individual.

The man's daily routine is almost robotic if one was to pay attention. Mechanically he times when he goes to the washroom, unable to feel the need to, he does his business at certain times of the day to make sure he doesn't wind up making a mess of himself. He has a poor sense of smell due to his condition - he has the equivalent sense of smell of a human. In compensation, he has keen hearing and a very sharp eye to make up for the lack of smell and touch.

Both eyes are colored in brilliant seafoam green, but in his right eye, a brown patch stains his iris, mimicking his painted and blotched pelt.

Height: 33 inches | Weight: 175lbs
[Image: uwvnynO.png]

Aloof, possessive, goofy, pacifist, chivalrous, calm facade, determined, loyal, caring, merciful, secretive, vain, engaging, generous, forgiving, child-like

Musical and friendly, Hieronymous often approaches others with a friendly smile, and the will to help if they need something. It is almost impossible to believe that he has had a violent streak back in the day, especially since he is so opposed to it nowadays. Hieronymous will, when pushed, will snap in an instinctive desire to protect anyone he loves with everything he has. With the inability to feel pain, he will easily fight until his dying breath without realizing it.

He hides that part of himself very well, choosing to spend the rest of his life in a carefree way, singing, telling stories - and fishing, since he believes fish are the safest prey to hunt for due to his condition.
A dark past;
Hieronymous doesn't like talking about his past - preferring to lie than to admit to who he was before becoming more pacifist. Every now and then, one might catch a glimpse of his temper depending on the situation at hand. Highly protective, he has a hard time these days to remain calm when a loved one is in peril.
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Profile of Hieronymous: Additional Information
Primary: Hieronymous
Secondary: Isadora
Tertiary: Conquest
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New Threads: closed, he's dead, let him rest
Companion: Hiero can be seen with a grizzly bear as a companion in most of his threads! His name is Dakota
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my name is noki, i am 26 years old, i identify as a girl. i live in canada and in the eastern daylight time. i enjoy a good cup of tea, and gardening (i have a bit of a green thumb). i am a pansexual who prefers men. currently im going to school for electrical technician engineer but i did graduate as a vet tech and worked as one for 3 years years, worked in animal hospitals for 8 years in total.

i am a very open and fun loving individual who is down for almost any plot that comes my way! feel free to shoot me a pm or a message on discord at steph#0278 and i would be tickled to plot with you!