Profile of Lunaria: Quick Facts
Played By: Cheeto
Basic Info
Full Name: Lunaria
Subspecies: Grey Wolf
Size: Small, Athletic
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/her
Age: 3 years old (February 20th, 2018)
Birthplace: Outside of Teekon Wilds
At a Glance

A small, sprite-like creature with sleek ebony fur, celestial eyes of bright teal, and an almost permanent smile to hide a thousand words...
Profile of Lunaria: Details

"I've been burning my heart out...."

Small in both weight and stature, Lunaria is a petite female with a lean figure built for speed and gymnastics. The femora wears a plush, black coat that gives off a tint of blue under moonlight's reflection and has large, round, turquoise eyes akin to a pair of precious gems. Nothing much is to be said about the way Luna looks, for she is just a simple beauty draped in a coat of unbroken darkness with gaze as stark as the stars -- the only exception to that being the "X - shaped" scars tearing along her chest.

25 inches tall -- 75 pounds
[Image: 31264829-z-IY5hmhi-Qj-KHfm-E.png]
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Social, energetic, and quite the charmer, Lunaria is a whimsical young lady with a knack for bugging you until she sees a smile on that beautiful face. She is an optimist at heart and very playful with her wordplay -- often coming off as smart-alecky or even flirtatious at times. Her bold and lively demeanor isn't always for everyone, especially since it never ceases to amaze people with how much of a nosey chatter-box the dame can be -- there's always something or someone she's itching to know more about after all.

Lunaria is indiscriminately friendly to everyone she meets until proven otherwise, but is a bit racist towards non-canine animals due to her work as a huntress and will more than likely see them as either prey or predator. While enjoying the idea of having many to call friends, she is cautious enough to only put complete faith into the small circle she calls her trusted friends and the ones she might call lovers.

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[Image: happy.gif]

Inquisitive, Whimsical, Curious, Friendly, Empathetic

Chaotic Neutural -- ENFP-A (Campaigner)
Bisexual (No preference)

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Dame: Nokami

Sire: Kurakuna

Littermate(s): Solarus & Terraka

Mate: N/A

Past Mate(s): Zuryu (Deceased)

Children: N/A
Pack History
Profile of Lunaria: Additional Information
Registered on June 10, 2020, last visited (Hidden)
Astronomer, Ecologist

- Despite her specialty in hunting, Luna's weakness lies in fishing.

- Carries a curiosity for nature in general, but is particularly fond of astrology -- which is why she is more active at night.

- Gets her name from the moon goddess worshiped in her polytheistic birth tribe. In real life, it is the name of a flowering plant

- Scent: Lavender and warm vanilla; the scent of a restful dream under a beautiful starry night

- Gait: Quick-paced and enthusiastic, with a particular skip in her step that pads rhythmically against the ground she walks on.

- Epithet(s): Huntress, Raven, Moon nymph

-Additional art/Credits for art shown here can be found on Toyhouse

-Signiture by AngelicHellraiser on Deviantart
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Lunaria's Signature
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Player Notes
Returning to WOLF after a short break, and slowly (but surely) bringing back a few of my other toons as well! If you need to contact me, my discord is Weebaholic©#3886 <3
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