Profile of Lunaria: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Lunaria
Epithet: Raven, Huntress, Moon nymph
Subspecies: Grey Wolf
Build: Medium-small/Lithe
Sex: Female
Age: 2 years old (February 20th, 2018)
Birthplace: Outside of Teekon Wilds
Scent: Fresh lavender and Warm vanilla
Orientation: Bisexual
At A Glance

A small, simple beauty with sleek ebony fur, celestial eyes of bright teal, and an almost permanent smile to hide a thousand words...
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Profile of Lunaria: Details

Lunaria is 28 inches tall at the shoulders and weighs 87 pounds, putting her in the light-weight category for the grey wolf species. Her body is lithe yet lean and fit, allowing an advantage in speed and agility but a disadvantage when battling individuals and animals larger than herself. She has a black, medium sized pelt and a pair of turquoise eyes that look like green moonstones. Lunaria also sports two large scars in the center of her chest that resemble the letter "X", a marking recived from her previous tribe that she sports like a metal of honor.

Playful and Whimsical; an affectionate spirit and social butterfly with a knack for bugging you until you crack a smile on that beautiful face. Luna's jocular wordplay will make her seem like a smart-ass at times, but rest assured there is nothing spiteful behind her charming nature. (At least, when she feels like it...)

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Complex and Inquisitive; always questioning -- always wanting to know more about the world around her and the people that inhabit it. "What is this? What does that mean? What if?"; where there are questions and possibilities, Luna will search for an answer/solution. Sometimes this curiosity gets her into sticky situations, but when has that ever stopped Luna from trying?

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Sensitive to a fault; while Lunaria is more likely to reserve her emotions in front of company than anything, her heart is still vulnerable to emotional pain. Being an empath as well, it is easy for the emotions of others to easily rub off on her.

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She was born to a tribe located in a far away mountainous region in Canada. This tribe was religiously polytheistic and shared the belief of multiple gods that controlled nature, one of which the youngin was named after because of her dark coloration; Lunaria: The goddess of the moon. From pup to adulthood, she grew up living a decent life and trained hard to become a skilled hunter for the tribe, earning her the X-shaped claw mark given to all valuable hunters as they reach adulthood. Like most stories end however, Lunaria found herself becoming curious of what the world had to offer her, so when she reached the age of maturity, the young female departed from her pack and towards the Teekon Wilds for a fresh start in life...
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Eagle Peak Tribe (2/20/18 through 6/11/20)

Lone Wolf
(6/12/20 through 10/28/20)

Firefly Glen
(10/28/20 through ---)

Profile of Lunaria: Additional Information
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