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Basic Info
Full Name: Rosewood “Alsek” Tonrar
Subspecies: Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 0.4 (03/23/2020)
Birthplace: Whitebark Stream (Whitebark Stream)
At A Glance
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Profile of Rosewood: Details
                blackbird sings in the dead of night, similar to his father, rosewood is cloaked in dull black, with notes of brown along his underbelly and legs. his eyes have transitioned to their permanent hazel, only recently having found their sparkle again.

        rosewood smells of lavender and sweet-grass, the former being often found locked in tufts of unkempt fur. his voice is smooth, but erratic, like the song of a house finch, though he speaks with a varying lisp.

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Pack History
born on 03/22/20 to grezig and kavik alongside pele. older brother to astraeus, born from agana. younger brother to xizur and tizir, born from grezig; lainie, zephyr, polaris, and helios, born from alessia; soter and morena, born from rosalie.

nephew of yizur, zurek, uruuk, and derg, siblings of grezig.

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        03/23/20 - 05/19/20
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