Profile of RIP Ariadne: Quick Facts
RIP Ariadne
Pledged Moongrove
Played By: Chan
Basic Info
Full Name: Ariadne Nuiruk
Spirit Name: Tlatehiin
Totem: Barred Owl
Voice: Lily Gladstone
Subspecies: Various
Size: Small, Thin
Sex: Female
Age: 2+ (March 6th, 2022)
Birthplace: Ouroboros Spine
Date of Death: June 19th, 2024
Profile of RIP Ariadne: Details
  • Honey-brown eyes
  • Brown and white coloration
  • Fawn upper and cotton underbelly
  • Clay fairy saddle
  • Porcelin splotches along mid back
[Image: 5.png]
Reference: Phobic Art
At her best: a loyal, decisive, and caring individual who holds a lot of love for those she is closest to. Her kindness and generosity are matched by her extensive knowledge of her people's culture.
At her worst: a naive individual who tends to make rash choices driven by emotions rather than logic, even if those choices harm others. Superstitious and close-minded, she holds tightly to the beliefs of her people.
Mate: N/A
Children: Akmaaksi, Nutuyikruk, Pinasut, and Tautukpik

Parents: Aiolos and Kukutux
Littermates: Callyope and Stratos
Siblings: Kausiut, Samani, Massaraq, Kassuq, and Arrluk
Half-Siblings: Huojin, Sialuk, Mauruk, and Galana
Adopted Siblings: Lómion, Inkalorë, Vairë, Wilwarin, and Kivaluk
Pack History
Current Pack: N/A
Former Packs: MOONGLOW (03/06/2022 to 02/12/2023) · MOONTIDE (08/30/2023 to 10/22/23) · MOONSONG (10/23/23 to 01/08/24) · NAPATUQVIK (01/08/24 to 04/26/24) · MOONGLOW (04/26/24 to 06/19/24)
Profile of RIP Ariadne: Additional Information
Registered on February 06, 2022, last visited June 19, 2024, 07:16 PM
Can be referenced as:
  • Taking care of her children
  • Preparing furs
  • Sunbathing next to Anik Lake
  • Exploring Neverwinter Forest
  • Fishing
  • Drying meat
  • Spending time with family
  • Tending to altars
This information is considered common knowledge and may be referenced by others without my permission.
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Player Notes
About Me: thirty-something SAHM with an affinity for Taylor Swift, spreeing, and caffeine. 

General Information:
  • She/her
  • Timezone: Eastern Standard Time (EST)
  • Discord Username: chan.bishop
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Roleplay Preferences:
  • Tag my characters if you reference them
  • Open to OOC plotting if it fits the IC narrative
  • Minor PP is permitted
  • Hunt and combat results are dictated by dice
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