Profile of Tauris: Quick Facts
Kvarsheim NPC
Mate to Figment
Played By: tazi
Basic Info
Full Name: Tauris Redhawk
Subspecies: Gray Wolf
Size: Medium, Athletic
Sex: Female
Gender: Cis female
Pronouns: She/her
Age: 2.5 years old (Spring 2021)
Birthplace: Lyotak (Birth Pack), Northeast of the Teekon
Voice + Face: Zoë Kravitz
NPC Guidelines
Monitoring borders, tending the seer stones, teaching the pack pups how to hunt & playing with her family.
At a Glance

Profile of Tauris: Details

Ragged, lean but strong. Swift on her paws.
ISFP | Choleric | Chaotic Neutral
Themes: White Foxes | Dear Fellow Traveller | Cold

[dogged] [inquisitive] [nurturing] [possessive] [competitive] [wary]

At first mistrustful, a suspicion bred by self-preservation that is not easily pacified. Though snappy in words, she is gentle and doting in action, with empathy that extends even to the wayward stray once a mutual trust is formed. Tauris is driven by curiosity to the point of being nosey in an effort to learn more of her peers and their surroundings. She is thoughtful and perceptive but quick to vex in the face of criticism- all youthful pride that has not yet been mellowed and molded through defiance and humility. Confidence is her mask, but beneath it is an insecure, fearful wolf who clings desperately to what she can control. She is painstakingly diligent, and once committing herself to a task, will do nothing in half and everything in full to an exhaustive degree.

Tauris accepts company when it comes, sharing in hunts and stories, though true affection takes long to root and it frequently develops into an undying loyalty, rife with codependent habits and bitter jealousy. Similarly, she has a hard time letting go, idealizing the notion of unrequited companionship.


art by lauren <3
She was born a child of the snowy mountainside, paws made hard for traversing rugged stone and body narrow for threading deep wood. She was one pup of too many, forced out of the pack by the breeding pair at the tender age of one. Though she travelled with siblings, their numbers dwindled as sisters and brothers found mates and prospects of a good future among neighboring packs. Tauris missed them dearly, but carried on, her search for home pulling her along a southbound wind into the Teekon.

Mate to Figment, who she has two children with: a daughter, Katla, and a son, Swift.

She considers Skáld as her family.
Pack History
LONER- (February 2023- April 2023)
KVARSHEIM - (April 2023- Present) Systir - Skáti - Nornir
Profile of Tauris: Additional Information
Registered on February 03, 2023, last visited (Hidden)
Art Credits
reference art by tazi, full body by lauren, busts by astarcis & jess, chibi by ale green, photography unknown
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