Profile of Sylianos: Quick Facts
Epoch NPC
Played By: Chelsie
Basic Info
Full Name: Sylianos Galanis
75% mixed grey wolf subspecies
25% coyote

Size: Medium, Lanky
Sex: Male
Age: 7 months (March 12, 2023)
Birthplace: Northstar Vale
At a Glance
NPC Guidelines: Sylianos is recovering after his fight with Mae. He can be referenced taking short walks in the heart of Northstar Vale, lightly sparring or playing with Saleem, and taking a new interest in history and culture. He is sullen and upset that he was attacked, but does not harbor anger for it like his brother does. Once fully recovered, he will return to his normal spunky self but takes spars more seriously with the hope that the next time he gets in a scuffle, he'll be able to give worse than he gets. He has a keen interest in meeting other wolves and learning about their packs, but for now is wary about venturing too far from home.
Profile of Sylianos: Details


[Image: sillypagedoll.png]
A golden-furred (juvenile) wolf with rich red points who would be physically identical to his littermate if not for his honey brown eyes. Sylianos is growing rapidly and looks to be nothing but gangling limbs and sharp angles, although his plush winter coat serves to hide some of the awkward proportions. He walks with a smooth and confident gait, even swaggering at times, and has a tendency to always be grinning, which can come across as conceited. In adulthood, he will be a wolf of middling height with a compact physique and only a little less of his youthful bravado.


Parents: Arsenio and Tamar
Littermates: Saleem

Siblings: Antigone, Zosime, Zulema

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12/03/2023 — present
No previous packs!
Profile of Sylianos: Additional Information
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PIXEL ART: SQDPXL, coloured by me AVATAR: Teo, photographer unknown
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