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wanted to space this out since im having it happen a day early <3

by now, all would know that antigone had left them, and that reyson had been sent away.

these things were failure for tamar, as much for @Meadow's clear frustration as her own unsorted sentiments. perhaps she had not disconnected him from akashingo.

perhaps she had not disconnected herself.

antigone returned to her mind, pressing, insisting. grief rose in all her spirit. tamar walked through the red forest, searching for the places her son might have stepped in his departure. a mark of paw, a wisp of his red-gold fur. anything to say he had been here.

she found his fading scent just outside the reach of the grove, and here she wept tears of wormwood bitterness which watered the earth. this loss, it grew and grew inside her until tamar realized it had become part of her body.

a crushing contraction pinned the morphe where she was, a guttural moan shattering in her throat. when it passed, she rose on shaking limbs and began to move toward her den, only to be caught on the treeline by a second and harder one.

sweating, tamar called for @Zulema and @Zosime, asking that one of them bring meadow and @Arsenio to the densite, for she was determined that she would return to that place. her steps were hitching; the short distance was marked by continual pauses as her body prepared to bring forth her next babes.

but into the prepared shelter she did go, groaning in anguish, belly distended. the labour was faster this time, her mind somehow noted.

and when meadow came, it would be to find tamar sweat-streaked and panting, reaching desperately to the heiros with a soft cry of "i am sorry."

for reyson. for meadow. for the horror of akashingo which had touched the four of them and broken stones in the foundation — for her own breaking.

the pains carried her scream next.
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I am... so bad at dad replies in birthing threads :'). This will probably be my only post until the babies are outies instead of innies. <3

Arsenio paced on hurried red paws.

The screams from Tamar had filled his mind. It was all he could hear. Above the noise of the vale, above the waters that flowed through their land, there was nothing but the sound of his wife’s pained cries of labor.

The man stopped his pacing to look into the den. Meadow would assist her, he reminded himself. Meadow was skilled and gentle with her work. She would deliver their children to the world in healthy, strong bodies. Arsenio would not have it any other way. Tamar would be the mother to another litter of perfect puppies.

Heartache shared a spot beside his nervousness as he thought of their son.

Arsenio couldn’t stand to wait outside. He stuffed his head into the den and searched for the face of his wife. The sounds of her strength filled the room. The cries of her voice pulled at his heart.
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in time, tamar forgot herself.

in time, the pain grew too great.

in waves, it rippled along her spine and neck; it sundered her hips. the struggle of writhing went on as tamar felt herself breaking.

as the sun fell, panic gripped her. the agonies had abated if only for now, and she on shaking legs sought water and succor before they began again. 

faster; faster; tamar did not believe she had ever been in such pain.

the night fell. 

the children did not come.

by now tamar was beside herself, incoherent with the crushing roil of pain. dawn paled outside the den and turned the light filtering through the leaves of the saffron grove to scarlet glow.

too exhausted now to do more than moan softly into the furs of her bed, tamar felt the telltale pressure above her tailbone and lay on her side, the white-hot band of anguish squeezing down and down and down, until she too bore down, delivering first @Saleem and then @Sylianos in a rush of blood and fluid.

two sons! two boys! her muzzle sought between her quivering sodden thighs for first one and then the other, cleaning their cauls, listening for their breaths, even as her body continued to contract for the expulsion of the afterbirth.

two boys.

tamar's head fell back against the furs with a sigh of relief and delirious delight, both boys tucked against her belly
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While Saleem's mother writhed in pain, the boy did not so much mind the sensation of being jostled in the womb. It was strange—yes—but not unpleasant. And soon, the cold of the air. New things, curious. A brother. A drink of milk. Things moved quickly and slowly at the same time. Then—sleep.
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The birth was long and difficult for both mother and boys. When Sylianos came into the world, it was with a loud and confused wail that ended abruptly when he was placed alongside his twin. He was quick to latch and suckle, instinctively pressing tiny paws into his mother's belly, but the moment he was full and ready for sleep, he reached automatically for Saleem and tangled his legs with his brother's before drifting off.
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It was time.

Meadow was watching of the Morphe—for all of the events that had occurred over the past week or so, her love for the woman was still strong. Her need for the well-being of Zosime’s Kunosoura flourishing especially now, when the girls would need her the most in the absence of their brother.

Tamar wept—she reached for her—words of apology spilling forth and the silver woman held her fiercely, placing kisses along her brow and crown, trying to console her. It did nothing to alleviate the hollowness that pressed to her chest—but this moment was not about her, nor should it be. And so Meadow would hush her as softly as she could, holding her, and assisting when needed.

Finally, when the boys would come, and Tamar’s relief was palpable, Meadow would draw back, studying them with certain wonder and heartache. This was what she wanted, she realized—but for now, with one last tender kiss to the brows of her closest friend, she allowed the quiet for the family to descend, for Arsenio to greet his new children and removed herself once more to the shadows of Epoch where she had primarily been staying.