Profile of Black Wing On The Wind: Quick Facts
Black Wing On The Wind
Played By: Bees
Basic Info
Full Name: Hel "Eurmal" Svartravn Black Wing On The Wind
Pronunciation: blek ∙ wing ∙ on ∙ thuh ∙ wind

Subspecies: Wolf [ Grey ]
Size: Tiny, Thin
Sex: Female
Gender: [ Cis ] Female
Pronouns: Feminine
Age: 3 (6th February 2020)
Birthplace: Ibenholtravn off-board
At a Glance
[Image: Night_events_-_Banshee_Nest.gif]
Profile of Black Wing On The Wind: Details
the she-shadow slipped into the hollow noiseless, on paws that barely held weight.



  • Underweight: 39 lbs / 17 kg.
  • Visible outline of bones: ribs, spine, joints, etc.
  • Excessive shedding.

  • Eating causes nausea, vomiting.
  • Weakness.
  • Low immunity.


Source: Forelegs. Hindlegs. Shoulders.
  • Stench.
  • Swelled red skin.
  • Bloody or yellow discharge.

  • Lethargy.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Fever.
  • Pain.

Undergrown, in height and weight both.

Hel is characterized by narrowness and sharp edges. She possesses crooked, unsightly features, which mime her brother without any softening of femininity, if sized down to fit her frame. Perpetual emaciation grants her androgyny and conceals her true age.

Her teeth are glistening white.

[Image: HELFULLBOD.png]

Adult height: 20 in / 50 cm
Healthy weight: 50 lbs / 22 kg
Eyes: Red
Coat: Coarse | Short | Black
| Majorly scarred over
  • Cape of gray covers upper back and front of shoulders, then descends down front of legs to paws.
  • From belly to paws, the front of hindlegs is gray.

Nose: Black
Pawpads: Black
Claws: Gray
Scent: Unpleasant | Infection, dried blood, wolf, female, moist earth
Default expression: Crazed
Voice: Screechy, pitched. Norwegian accent.
Accessories: -
All messy. Rips, bite marks. Wherever her own jaws can reach. Usually seeping blood and pus;
  • Shoulders.
  • Front of legs, just below elbow to paws.
  • Hind legs, knees to paws.
  • Chewed off dewclaws.

[ ... ] each rib had individual character.
displeasure soured her face - [ ... ] - but quickly it sweetened to sickness, all her teeth displayed in a grin.

  • a Madwoman;
    Deluded | Hysterical | Unstable
Wracked by ails real, imposed or misunderstood, Hel is slave to own impulses. Emotions, always strong, pass through her as a storm does through a village. Her beliefs are many, some unreasonable, others conflicting, but all are spoken of as if factual reality.

In recent times, she has begun to harbor delusions that her clan is gone, and she the only Svart left of it.

and on her back she shrieked, and laughed!

and laughed!

until her voice was choked by sobs.

  • a Jester;
    Conniving | Mischievous| Humorful
To please and entertain with obedient, harmless idiocy, to loosen the tongues and lower pointed blades with simple jokes and blunt utterances - Hel wears her fool's cap as another might a crown.



she dragged a paw along her chest, the limb bit and sick, the ribs cradling a heart just as ill.

[Image: wolf1.jpg]

Dam: Hildr
Sire: Ragnvaldr
Littermates: Vali
6th February 2020 - 13th May 2022
[ 2 years, 3 months ]

Village madwoman.

13th May 2022 - 10th June 2022
[ 29 days ]


[ 2022 ]
  • Arrived in Teekon ooc

[ 2023 ]











Siblings: Jörmungandr Svartravn, Stígandr Svartravn


202X: TBA, TBA, TBA, TBA (sired by TBA)
Pack History
8th June 2022
[ 1 year, 8 months ]

[Image: Chapter_2_-_doctor_3.gif]
Profile of Black Wing On The Wind: Additional Information
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OOC nickname & pronouns: "blackwing" | she/her

  • 300 posts

  • 10 positive relationships with black wolves [0/10]

  • 10 negative relationships with white wolves [0/10]

  • Increase the population of black wolves [0/10]
  • Base health points: 10
Mercenary, Hunter, Naturalist ability checks: Roll with disadvantage and subtract 3

Counselor, Scout ability checks: Roll with disadvantage and subtract 1


[Image: 223.png]

  • Mild swearing, mature language

  • Mild sexual innuendos and references

  • Explicit violence & gore

[Image: Banshee_kid_icon.png]

thread titles are horror movie titles and years of release
Art Credits
Avatar/Appearance: @Bees
Biography: edited by @Bees [source]
Additional Information/Gifs: Darkwood (2017)
Black Wing On The Wind's Signature
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unreliable narrator
Player Notes

mudmen. wolves neither black nor white. dark ones are worth more than pale ones.

palecoats. wormcoats. foam-furred. white wolves. applies to the kvitravn clan.

heretics. kvitravns, those who swear fealty to their name, or engage in worship of kvit.

gods & spirits;

svart. raven god. black father-mother. the wise bird.

hatched out of the nothing egg ( the albumen became the ground, the yolk the sky ).

his shed feathers became the first svartravn wolves. he assumed a wolf's form and birthed the first ravens. through him, wolves and ravens are kin.

tricked the mother of mammals into promising him the meat of her children.

when kvit's clan caused the world to reek, pecked the clouds and brought the first rain.

kvit. palewing. traitor god. lie-speaker. the mistake.

heretic deity.

sprang from the shine in svart's eye.

stole the treasures of svart, such as the trudger's bone and the wyrmtooth.

kvitravn men rose from his feces and kvitravn women from his misfired seed.

conspired with unkind gods such as father famine, minfrid, lasbrand devil-son, ævar and worse.

discovered death and ended the still age.

the hanged man. pupil of svart.

formed from chiefblood given to the hand-tree. grew in a fruit until it ripened, fell and burst.

at that time, was known as the-man-to-be-hanged.

sough to become svart's pupil, and was given five tasks. four he completed, the fifth he failed.

made the early law, and was the first lawspeaker.

learned every word of truth, until no more could fit in his skull. to make room, he plucked out his right eye.

when svart was killed, climbed the world-tree and hung from it pierced through the scruff for seven days.

mother hunger. mudmother.

lowly spirit.

her stomach grew the first mudmen.

she crouches in the back of her husband's longhouse and waits to be fed.

father famine. mudlord.

lowly spirit.

his spit seeded mother hunger's stomach.

his breath dries greenery and diseases prey.

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