Profile of Mahler: Quick Facts
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Master Guardian
Played By: ebony
Basic Info
Full Name: Gustav Mahler
Subspecies: Grey Wolf
Size: Large, Muscular
Sex: Male
Pronouns: he/him
Age: 5 (August 16th, 2015)
Birthplace: Dornenfelder ('thorn field')
At a Glance
I — aged scars upon left side of neck and bridge of nose
II — old tooth-marks from below eye to the chin on the left
III — healed ragged, large wound along the left side of his neck; healed fang-scars in his left flank

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Profile of Mahler: Details
the old story: a boy not yet grown into a man, not yet grown out of selfishness, becomes a father. marigold bore him two sons and a daughter, but fever struck the pack where they resided. after the death of his mate and their girl, mahler abandoned the pack, believing that the boys would succumb as well.

he is scarred and heavy-pawed, ponderous with a hidden grace beneath a weighted bulk. mahler is not swift to wrath but he does not shy from violence. he is midwife and warrior, knower of many things, and with a singular focused love around which he builds all his world.
italics denote lost · strikethrough denotes dead · bold denotes alive
former mate: marigold
biological children:* brumous ♂, astarte ♀, (**this character was never adopted out, outside refs are unrecognized**) saint ♂
thade ♂ & phaedra(through wylla)
elke ♀ & ciri(through nyx)

stag sandraudiga
astraeus tonrar


*it can be assumed mahler has other children, the existence of which he prefers to remain unaware

GRIMNISMAL is formed the cold winter that mahler meets WYLLA, small fierce ruler of the coastal pack. she is mocking, challenging, savage; he likes her immediately for these qualities when very few would dare to cross mahler. their paths arc only briefly, as the group is sundered first by wylla's departure, and then by their fall after they are scattered by a bear. mahler then joins SWIFTCURRENT CREEK, where he is roundly rejected by the deposed former alpha of grimnismal. he takes a fatherly role to her daughter, but in the summer of that year, wylla disappears from the teekon with tiercel.

mahler abandons the creek then, as much because of wylla as the incompatible values he holds. he wanders, keeping himself from feminine company until he and TAKIYOK find one another friendly company. almost a year from his time at grimnismal, DIASPORA is founded, and he finds himself alongside takiyok often enough for a subtle affection to be created.

the same month, RUENNA becomes part of diaspora. he is smitten by her quiet intellect, pleased for her company. she is not made for the mountain pack, however; she departs their borders to seek her own life elsewhere. mahler, aware that ruenna was the first woman to comfort his torn heart, retreats.

in late spring, ANDRASTE enters diaspora with her mate and advanced pregancy. he thinks little of her at the time. mahler goes on to whelp takiyok's children by stigmata, and in summerfall, she admits the depth of her feelings for him. afraid to hurt her, aware that they are reciprocated but not in a complete manner, mahler must demur, and their relationship grows tense.

having also whelped andraste, mahler is father to all when stigmata is away, and the pair grow close. the father of her brood seems to abandon them, straining the relationship, and it is to the gargoyle that she turns for support. it is not until andraste challenges stigmata for the leadership and is thrown bodily from the pack that mahler is compelled to follow her out of affection, to see where she ends.

he comes to attend her injured son in KAISTLEOKI, and visits andraste later in MOONSPEAR where she convalesces after being struck by lightning. it is there that they consummate the pallor of their affection for one another, though mahler doubts its true nature as love. it is also there that mahler meets HYDRA, for whom he harbors a secret desire.

during the time of takiyok and andraste, KETZIA plays a large role as being another of stigmata's chosen mothers. she is aloff until mahler proves himself worthy of figurehead fatherhood to her own children. the pups of stigmata lose their father to a tragedy in late summer, after which mahler assumes the role of general and makes takiyok his second over ketzia.

andraste and mahler continue the whirlwind of their obsessive romance until COURTFALL is formed. upon the borders of that fledgling pack, mahler asks her to enter into an accord upon their own children, though it is rife with selfish stipulations predicated upon the fact that andraste no longer sees herself as mother to her first brood. it is his first true experience of selfishness.

through winterbite their relationship bitters and turns to ash, and in the yuletide, andraste withdraws fully from their contract, and from mahler. stricken by frustration and relief, he turns his attentions to finalizing plans for his own future.

NYX, with whom he once shared the shores of grimnismal, is not a first recognized by mahler. and yet when that revelation comes to pass in late autumn, they cleave in some desperate awakening of grief for what once was.

and in the unfairest culmination of all love and all tragedy, WYLLA herself shows upon diaspora's shattered doorstep, that same winter, in pursuit of tiercel. mahler has no idea how to regard her; he admits his longtime love, and it is not well-received, sending them both into a stilted attitude around one another as they navigate this strange new dynamic.

Pack History
GRIMNISMAL (disbanded 5.25.18)
EINZELGÄNGER(from 10.12.18, mahler attempted to claim noctisardor bypass, planning to winter there)
Profile of Mahler: Additional Information
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