Profile of Mahler: Quick Facts

Basic Info
Full Name: Gustav Mahler
Subspecies: Grey Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 3 (August 16th, 2015)
Birthplace: Dornenfelder ('thorn field')
At A Glance
a turned back. a sharp look. fresh, visible scarring along the left side of his neck and bridge of his nose from his fight with sunny. older scars litter his chest and legs.
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Profile of Mahler: Details
large. thickly furred. gifted with height. a coal-black undercoat stippled with ash along his ruff, cheeks, and bridge of his nose, fading out between his eyes. cheerless lilac stare (ty laur for the eye description) if mahler spoke often, his thick accent would be hard to decipher; as it is, the aloof thing does the bare minimum when it comes to speaking, preferring few words, one or two if possible.

self-assured ยท brash ยท unrepentant ยท vainglorious ยท cocky ยท cold

tl;dr: asshole
reference by sifu
[Image: mahlerbysifu.png]
common enough upbringing; small family pack with his father at the helm. dispersed before one year due to boredom. travelled alone until meeting marigold, on whom he fathered three children. a fever swept through the pack when the pups were eight months old, killing his wife and their daughter. full of grief and cowardice, mahler abandoned his sons and the rest of their small pack.

for what he had done, mahler condemned himself to wander alone, only the brief pleasure of several flings distracting him from his self-work of making himself nigh unto impenetrable. during his solitary travels, mahler discovered the soothing loveliness of natural music; the sound of a waterfall, of birdsong, of night-creatures, of the sea's deafening roar.

he arrives at the teekons a jaded and sardonic creature, unraveled to the limit of his intellect, aware he has few equals, his muzzle and chest bearing the old scars of where many sought to humble him. whether or not they were successful is not something mahler cares about.
Pack History
โ€” italics denote lost ยท strikethrough denotes dead ยท bold denotes alive
former mate: marigold
children:* brumous โ™‚, astarte โ™€, saint โ™‚

*it can be assumed mahler has other children, the existence of which he prefers to remain unaware
GRIMNISMAL (disbanded 5.25.18)
EINZELGร„NGER โ€” (from 10.12.18, mahler will be attempting to claim noctisardor bypass, and plans to winter there)
Profile of Mahler: Additional Information
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