Profile of Stigmata: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Stigmata Sandraudiga
Subspecies: Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 4 years (2014)
Birthplace: The Drenchwood, Sunkill Peaks
At A Glance
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Profile of Stigmata: Details
Stigmata cuts a rather tall, spearing figure— the moody sort: a wolf distant, austere, and altogether beguiling— slaked in the manners of an ingenious predator and embattled general. Over a sound and serpentine build, the pragmatic basilisk is draped with blackpepper fur atop a tousled sterling undercoat; his tail and ears flush with a brooding dusk-brown. He has a tone likened to Shere Khan, and his eyes, though muddied and unremarkable at a distance, are up close awash with emotion and dyed a deep, dull damascene silver.
Radiates with BDE. Once called a "salt triscuit".
Pack History
The wolves of Diaspora are seen as both kith and kin to Stigmata, though he is especially close to Gustav Mahler, his brother-in-arms. Per the terms of his banishment from the Legion, Stigmata does not speak of his birth relatives.
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Born into a long line of conquerors, soldiers, and warmongers - a pedigree spanning over a decade and beginning with the lineage matriarch, and Legion founder: Sandraudiga - Stigmata spent the first three years of his life climbing ranks until he had achieved total dominance of the army. He stood at their helm for over a year (longer than any wolf before or since) until he was usurped by a young upstart, who had been aided by his own ironically named son, Anarchy.

Wounded and banished from the Sunkill Peaks, Stigmata recovered (physically) from his embarrassing defeat and then joined the first promising pack he was able to, becoming interested in courting their beta, Indra. He hoped to take advantage of their youthfully charged leadership, and remained based in the Valley until the approach of winter, when a disagreement over living standards resulted in his expulsion.

Ambitions reinvigorated, Stigmata met a kill-brother in Mahler, and forged ahead with plans to start his own legacy in the mountainous region of Sunspire. After a full moon's cycle, he had amassed enough comrades to make his claim, and he formed the ranks of Diaspora on the night of the New Year.

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