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by thalia
Lone Wolves

Basic Info
Full Name: Indra Redleaf
Subspecies: Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 (4/3/2016)
Birthplace: Phoenix Maplewood
At A Glance
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Profile of Indra: Details
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Pack History

Sibling: Laurel
Children: Merrick (through Tadec), Marten* & Nunataq*
Nieces/Nephews: Lucas, Piper, & Wyatt

Parents: Saena & Reek
Half-Sibs: Tambourine, Tapat, Astik, Phoenix.

strikethrough denotes deceased or MIA, * denotes adopted
LONE WOLF (12/20/18-present)

DUSKVALE - Puppy - Yearling
LONE WOLF - Yearling - December 2017
BEARCLAW VALLEY - Subordinate (1/20/18-6/28/18) > Beta (6/29/18-10/30/18)
LOST CREEK HOLLOW - Subordinate (10/30/18 - 12/20/18)
LONE WOLF - (12/20/18 - present)
Profile of Indra: Additional Information
Current thread titles are from Ray Lamontagne's "Old Before Your Time"
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"he knows that it's impossible to tell a wolf
from a man if
he keeps his chin up
and his teeth clean."
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Player Information: LAUREN
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hi, i'm lauren. i feel like i'm writing out an advert on a dating site but here goes!! my deets: 29, INTJ, scorpio. i like cats, coffee, and donuts, possibly in that exact order. if you like any of these things, we will definitely get along.

i am an animal person and i've somehow amassed a horde of trust-fund kitties. they are happycat, franklin and the newest, definitely possessed addition blossom (or lil' hellion when she's climbing up my leg at 4 AM). i'm also owned by a horse named holden. no affiliation with the holden caulfield variant. he's much more a buster bluth.

besides wolf, my hobbies include eventing, ice hockey, and being sarcasmic all the time.

feel free to drop me a line any time you want to plot or thread; i like surprise threads, so just drop a tag if you want to thread!

❅ indra's posting policies are fairly straight-forward: she is my main, i try to be as active as possible, and always try to reply to all owed threads at once. if i've missed a thread or you'd like me to prioritize yours, just shoot me a PM. i'm flexible!

❅ indra is traveling and is currently located in/around bearclaw valley.

❅ indra is a no-consent character: meaning you can decide the damage done to her in fights, short of mortal/fatal injury and sense-deprivation.

❅ "friends/family of indra" can powerplay indra liberally - just tag me when you do! feel free to PP her escorting, hunting, or hanging around if you need to.

❅ indra is open for minor plots <3