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Lost Creek Hollow

Basic Info
Full Name: Indra Redleaf
Subspecies: Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 (4/3/2016)
Birthplace: Phoenix Maplewood
At A Glance
[Image: indra_by_crxxss_bxxnes-dcj1gaq.png]
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Profile of Indra: Details

amazing pic by magdalyn!!
A small summer wolf, with autumn-fire fur and melancholy mahogany eyes in which resentment has habitually made its home. Slight-figured, Indra is evenly made -- save for the glaring absence of a tail.

Soft-spoken. Tired of the malevolent incompetence of the world. She is slow to trust, quick to turn against those that have hurt her or her sister, and holds fiercely in her guarded heart the best interests of Laurel.

Pack History
Her parents, Saena & Reek
Her only surviving son, Merrick, through Tadec.
Her adopted children, Marten & Nunataq.
Her littermates, Milo & Laurel
Her half-siblings through Reek, Tambourine, Tapat & Astik.
Her half-sibling through Saena, Phoenix.
Her nieces & nephews through Laurel, Lucas, Piper, & Wyatt.
strikethrough denotes deceased or MIA
DUSKVALE - Puppy - Yearling
LONE WOLF - Yearling - December 2018
BEARCLAW VALLEY - Subordinate (1/20/18-6/28/18) > Beta (6/29/18)
Profile of Indra: Additional Information
Attached Accounts
"he knows that it's impossible to tell a wolf
from a man if
he keeps his chin up
and his teeth clean."
Player Information: LAUREN
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hi, i'm lauren. i like cats, coffee, and donuts, possibly in that exact order. i love reading, i tolerate writing, and i live for riding/eventing.

i am an animal person, but i belong to two cats - happycat and franklin. i also have a horse. he's ten, and is my cute lil fruitbat. he would also probably sell his soul for donuts.

besides wolf, my hobbies include eventing, ice hockey, and being sarcasmic all the time.

feel free to drop me a line any time you want to plot or thread; i like threading with new people and love chucking wrenches at my toons.

❅ indra's posting policies are fairly straight-forward: she is my main, i try to be as active as possible, and always try to reply to all owed threads at once. if i've missed a thread or you'd like me to prioritize yours, just shoot me a PM. i'm flexible!

❅ indra is mostly limited to BCV and surrounding areas, but can occasionally travel

❅ indra is a no-consent character: meaning you can decide the damage done to her in fights, short of mortal/fatal injury and sense-deprivation.

❅ BCV members can powerplay indra liberally - just tag me when you do!

❅ indra is open for minor plots.