Profile of Vonn: Quick Facts

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Lone Wolves

Basic Info
Full Name: Vonnaruil (Vonn)
        Also known as the "White Crow"
Height: 34"
Subspecies: Arctic Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 2.5 Years (February 2016)
Birthplace: Rhaesuial
At A Glance
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ᴠ ᴏ ɪ ᴄ ᴇ        &        ᴛ ʜ ᴇ ᴍ ᴇ

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Profile of Vonn: Details

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        · Son to Kiomaralis & Mordaunt
        · Brother-twin to Aure

        · In-law(?) of Vercingetorix
        · Uncle & mentor to Dragomir & Isilmë
RhaesuialHeir, birthplace.

Lone Wolf — November 2018 to March 2019

Drageda — March 2019 to present

        Cheerful. Libidinous. Irregular. Despite a brutal childhood, Vonn is obscenely blithe jaunty, almost as a rule he lives by, and is appreciative of those who decide to come into his life. He is undeniably sensual; sometimes, he has the air of a dispassionate specter merely seeking entertainment. Other times, it is the mundane that amuses him. It's unusual to see him put off; his attitude to take life and all of its possible pleasures means that he dwells very little on otherwise dismal aspects.

        As with life's pleasures, and much unlike his more modest sister, Vonnaruil enjoys sex unashamedly; his views are marvelously unfazed by any constraints. He will seek it out equally so with just about anyone he comes across, male or female - on the exception it is done well. Whether it's clear if he is serious in his proposals or simply teasing is debatable at best. He has never had the opportunity to promise himself to another ; he hopes, in his hidden heart, that day may come soon.

        When it comes to the world and wolves around him, not everything Vonn feels is set in stone, and to not judge everything by personal experiences. He does not balk to do what he thinks is right ; yet, the last thing he wants to claim is the title of a "hero".

        Aside from his middling height, it goes without saying that Vonn is all of that which his twin lacks: he is thickset and stolid, and retains only a sliver of her svelteness.

        Like her, however, his pelt is generous, feathery; and his shadowed eyes have been brushed with star-dust. The look within them is something unaware and sensuous.

        Humbly vivacious, Vonnaruil prefers to weld the strength of his mind, instead of all the muscle he doesn't know what to do with.

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