Profile of Ruenna: Quick Facts
Blacktail Deer Plateau

Basic Info
Full Name: Ruenna Redfern
Subspecies: Gray Wolf 75% Hudson Bay, 25% Arctic
Sex: Female
Age: 2 (5/20/2016)
Birthplace: Red Fern Glade Outside the Teekon Wilds
At A Glance
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Profile of Ruenna: Details
Rue is of average stature for a gray wolf her age, though she may seem small to others by the cautious way she holds herself. The young female’s pelt is a mixture of creamy white and tan with washed-out markings, cursing her with a somewhat ghostly look. Rue has tall, elegant ears paired with a shorter muzzle which gives her a childlike appearance despite being fully grown. Her honey-brown gaze is watchful and knowing, hinting to perceptive wolves that this young lady may be more than meets the eye.
Reserved is probably the best word to describe Ruenna. Although she is sometimes mistaken for either, Rue is not a timid or fearful wolf. There is a quiet strength within her that will be obvious to anyone who chooses to look beneath the surface. However, this strength is unknown to Rue, who certainly never sought out a position of leadership among her packmates. However, now that she has been awarded a leadership role she carries out her responsibilities with dexterity that may be surprising to some (including Rue herself). Rue is serene and thoughtful, observant and perceptive, and her insight is an asset to her pack as well as any wolf who chooses to befriend her.

Ruenna was born to a traditional pack that encouraged young wolves to develop trades in hunting and fighting. Rue participated in these training sessions reluctantly, not particularly drawn toward either trade. Lacking enthusiasm for the many activities her peers enjoyed, Rue was seen as the odd one out among the other young wolves in Red Fern Glade.

Once Rue came of age, she caught the wicked eye of Sjorn, a man from a neighboring pack that was allied to Red Fern Glade. Youthfully innocent and socially isolated, Rue was an easy target for Sjorn’s lewd advances. Rue appealed to her nuclear family for help rebuffing the man, but they could not empathize with Rue. Sjorn was a strong, respectable wolf of high-standing; he was valued by his alpha and could provide well for Rue. In her family's eyes, Rue was lucky indeed to be the object of Sjorn's attention.

Sjorn became more and more difficult to avoid as the moons passed, and eventually he refused to take no for an answer. In a desperate attempt to defend herself, Rue lashed out at the man hoping he would be startled enough for her to make an escape. She ended up piercing the man’s eye, leaving Sjorn disfigured and permanently blind in one eye. Sjorn’s packmates called for Rue’s dismissal from her pack and exile from the all the surrounding lands. Although they were baffled by their daughter’s behavior, Rue’s parents were prepared to appeal to their alpha in opposition of such a harsh punishment. However, much to her family’s surprise Rue accepted the penalty readily. It was better to quietly slip away than to remain in a place where she would eventually become Sjorn’s unwilling victim.
Pack History
Outside of the Teekon Wilds:
        Birthpack: Red Fern Glade
                Mother (NPC): Avis
                Father (NPC): Mosca
                Littermates (NPC): Jasper, Estelle, Milo
Outside of the Teekon Wilds:
        Red Fern Glade: 5/2016 - 7/2018

Within the Teekon Wilds:
        Blacktail Deer Plateau: 8/2018 - present
Profile of Ruenna: Additional Information
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