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Moonglow Epsilon
Mate to Aiolos
Played By: Not specified
Basic Info
Full Name: Aiwëndil Iel-o-Elenwë Lótë Nuiruk
Subspecies: Mixed wolf (75% Northwestern x 25% NRM)
Size: Small, Lanky
Sex: Female
Gender: Cisgender female
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Age: 2.7 (04/13/2019)
Birthplace: Alalvinórë, Elennanórë (Alberta, Canada)
At a Glance
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smells like white grapefruit, mosa mint, jasmine, chamomile, and rain.
Profile of Lótë: Details
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Neither eye-catching nor particularly noteworthy. An ordinary she-wolf -- smaller and spindlier than most perhaps. A serene and simple beauty draped in the muted hues of a morning dove's plumage or a fawn's pelt with a half cape of silver ticking her shoulder blades like a shawl of dawn's mist. A beauty mark dots her left cheek, giving the impression of dimpled features which serves to accentuate the reticence of her spring green gaze. Her paws and ankles are stained in a riot of faded dyes from her avocation as a painter. Motherhood has cast new light on once girlish curves, which hardship has made gaunt. Bear-marked, sporting four deep gouges that follow the curve of her left flank.

- a whopping 68 lbs.
- 28 inches tall. (to the shoulder.)
- 48 inches long. (from chest to tail tip.)

" you lay in the ashes, of the house you built..."
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Soft-spoken and seldom-spoken. Skittish and neurotic. Mousy and self-effacing.

A girl comprised of dried herbs and broken glass bound in paper skin, bleeding poetry. Her eyes occasionally hint at some hidden angst but thus far, she refuses to speak of ghosts.

An artist, tragic and tortured. A misfit starved of kindness, she offers her own freely and has come to put the needs of others before her own -- craving connection and simultaneously fearing rejection.

- has a fondness for songbirds, rocks, stars, botany, and art.
- demisexual.

- FC: Neytiri from James Cameron's Avatar.

"...out of old books and matches
but you lay there still..."

The lowborn daughter of simple artisans, she was orphaned as a child and subsequently fell into the wrong hands following her mother's death. She fled home as a yearling and took on the alias Lótë as a precautionary measure. She enters Teekon seeking to start anew and live out the rest of her days peacefully, smothering that which haunts her.

She was found wandering Moonstone Quarry where she met Sialuk, daughter of Kukutux, and pledged to join their unofficial group -- wanting to help the women and their kin after they suffered a horrific tragedy in Moonspear.

The group later went on to become Moonglow, a tribe reminiscent of Kukutux's native Siqiqniq Isle, and Lótë made the territory of Ouroboros Spine her official home.

With time, Lótë came to find her stride here and grew close to both Kukutux and Sialuk -- viewing them almost as a sister and niece of sorts. For the first time, she felt at home amongst her village and had an established place amongst the ring of women within it.

She also came to be familiar with the circle of hunters/men in Moonglow, and though she was somewhat afraid of the pack's first lead hunter, Raimo, she found a fast friend in his rival, Adrastus -- who would later usurp the title of Sivullik from the pantherine huntsman. Kukutux, as their clan's matchmaker, was the first to suggest a union between the duo which would later lead to the pair tying the knot. Later that summer, Lótë went into heat and the couple conceived their first litter with Kukutux's blessing.

Shortly after she got pregnant, Adrastus went missing after leaving to hunt down an evil spirit that had attacked Moonglow. Adrastus returned shortly after their children's arrival only to claim that one of his children was defective. The couple refused to compromise on this and Lótë moved their litter to her former den, barring him from seeing the puppies until he could let go of his prejudices. Later that night, the former Sivullik destroyed their marital home and his wife's belongings before vanishing into the night.

Lótë raised the children with the help of Kukutux, Sialuk, Aiolos, Shikoba, and various other packmates. As a means of protection and to provide her children with a loving family, the botanist agreed to become Aiolos' second wife.

Things settled down and the pack prepared for the cold seasons as the children grew. In the autumn, Inkalorë went missing and Lótë began to fear that Adrastus still lingered near the Spine. When Wilwarin also vanished, Lótë left in search of her children. Inkalorë wound up finding his way back to Moonglow, having gotten lost while exploring outside the village’s borders. Lótë found Wilwarin in the Sunspire, as she had gotten lost looking for Inkalorë, where she was injured by a bear. After escaping, the duo headed north to the Rising Sun Valley, intending to continue on to the sea and venture around the mountains to make their way back to Moonglow when they were found by Kigipigak. They reunited with the pack as Moonglow’s members voyaged to the Taiga and their Glacier allies for nomadic hunting, arriving just in time to witness the herds of Snowforest Taiga fall ill to a deadly disease.

" the town of black magic
and they're out to kill..."
Father/Ontáro: Aldalómë Yondo-o-Alatar
Mother/Amil: Elenwë Iel-o-Hirilondë
Uncle/Amilotorno: Lóminórë Yondo-o-Alatar
Mate: Aiolos Nuiruk
Children: Lómion Nuiruk , Inkalorë Nuiruk , Vairë Nuiruk , Wilwarin Nuiruk (via Adrastus Icarus Baptiste , c. 08/12/2021)
Sister-wife: Kukutux Ostrega Nuiruk
Sisters: Sialuk Ostrega Nuiruk , Keyni , Shikoba Pheasant Tail
Co-parented Children: Kausiut Nuiruk , Samani Nuiruk

Note: Lótë is not biologically related to any of her sisters, rather this is a bond forged by familiarity and mutual respect. Lótë considers the entirety of village Moonglow to be her kin on some level.
Pack History
Hinya, Héru


Eta, Epsilon, Gamma, Delta
Profile of Lótë: Additional Information
Registered on February 21, 2021, last visited 2 hours ago
Lótë - "to grow, to raise."
Aiwëndil - "lover of birds."
Elenwë - "star-brow."
Alalvinóre - "The Land of Many Elms."
Elennanórë - "The Land named Starwards."
Nuiruk - wolves beneath the moon that shows through the clouds. (the surname chosen by moonwoman for Aiolos, first wife, second wife, and their collective children.)

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