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Full Name: Reyes Rivaini
Subspecies: Mixed
Sex: Male
Age: 0.6 (4/15/19)
Birthplace: Ankyra Sound
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At six months of age this juvenile is still growing in to his body, but there is strong evidence of an impending growth spurt. His paws are quite large and his lean proportions make him look quite sharp, but in time he will fill out handsomely to become a gender-swapped version of his mother. Reyes is slim, as are most coastal wolves, but as he matures his red coat develops warm brown guard hairs and a density which implies a certain level of solidity and power. By now his eyes have fully transitioned to an electric yellow and they look all the more menacing thanks to the darkness of his undercoat and face.

Pack History

Rosalyn is his biological mother and Erzulie is his other-mother. Scarab, Marisol, Clementine and Nieve are his half-siblings (via Firefly). He considers Caiaphas his grandmother, and Illidan his uncle. He is loyal to Rusalka.

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