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i am never ever ever making another avatar for him again good lord
Mate to Teya
Played By: Talamasca
Basic Info
Full Name: Reyes Rivaini
Tortuga: "Alizarin"
Subspecies: Mixed
Size: Medium, Lanky
Sex: Male
Age: 3+ (4/15/19)
Birthplace: Ankyra Sound
At a Glance
reference base by artisticjackal
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" One winter a Farmer found a Viper frozen and numb with cold, and out of pity picked it up and placed it in his bosom. The Viper was no sooner revived by the warmth than it turned upon its benefactor and inflicted a fatal bite upon him; and as the poor man lay dying, he cried, 'I have only got what I deserved, for taking compassion on so villainous a creature.' "
Aesop's Fables.

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