Profile of Sorana: Quick Facts
Brecheliant Family
Played By: Chelsie
Basic Info
Full Name: Sorana "Sora" Rivaini

โ€” 50% eastern timber wolf
โ€” 50% red wolf

Size: Medium, Athletic
Sex: Female
Age: 7 months (10/04/2022)
Birthplace: Redhawk Caldera
At a Glance


Outside of threads, Sorana may be referenced doing the following:

  • Practicing her small game hunting and fishing.
  • Wandering the territory, lost in thought.
  • Spending time with her friends.
  • Frolicking in the rain.
  • Tracking local herds.
Sora is afraid of the caldera lake and should not be referenced there behind the scenes.
Profile of Sorana: Details

[Image: sorana.png]

Sorana is a well-balanced young wolf with average proportions, neither too tall nor too slender, with a warm chestnut coat and aqua blue eyes. She walks with a slightly bouncy gait. She has pale markings on the tip of her muzzle, around her eyes and the insides of her ears. Her face, back, and tail are noticeably darker and her fur transitions to rich russet on her legs. She has red accents framing the sides of her face and forming a high saddle on her back.


Sorana is generally friendly, with a warm and inviting demeanour. She is especially attached to her mother and sensitive about her father, whom she now believes abandoned her. She is no longer able to put on a sunny mask to hide her feelings but has made an effort to be more outwardly confident about her place in the world. At seven months old, she is still plagued with insecurities and tends to become withdrawn whenever she's feeling down. She fears that she is the reason her father left, causing her to feel unwanted, and she is terrified her mother will one day do the same in search of a better life without her. As a result, Sora experiences strong feelings of jealousy, followed by intense shame for being selfish. This shame prevents her from being direct about her needs, causing the cycle to perpetuate.

Parents: Reyes and Teya
Littermates: N/A
Mate: N/A
Offspring: N/A

Grandparents: Rosalyn and Firefly

Siblings: Caracal, Sphyra, Tierra

Piblings: Chacal, Clementine, Komet, Marisol, Moonshine, Nieve, Rowan, Scarab
Cousins: Anubis, Ingram

Note: This list includes in-game blood relatives only.


Brecheliant: 04/2022 โ€” present
Nestling: 10/04/2022 โ€” present
Profile of Sorana: Additional Information
Registered on April 10, 2022, last visited December 07, 2022, 12:26 AM
AVATAR: Noxeri
TITLE THEME: Jackrabbit โ€” San Fermin
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