Profile of Sorana: Quick Facts
Played By: Chelsie
Basic Info
Full Name: Sorana "Sora" Rivaini

50% eastern timber wolf
50% red wolf

Size: Medium, Athletic
Sex: Female
Age: 1 year (10/04/2022)
Birthplace: Redhawk Caldera
Profile of Sorana: Details

Sorana is a well-balanced young wolf with average proportions, neither too tall nor too slender, with a warm chestnut coat and aqua blue eyes. She walks with a low, brisk gait that betrays a lack of confidence. She has pale markings on the tip of her muzzle, around her eyes and the insides of her ears. Her face, back, and tail are noticeably darker and her fur transitions to rich russet on her legs, which are littered with scars and patchy fur where she previously harmed herself. It remains to be seen if the fur there will ever fully regrow. She has red accents framing the sides of her face and forming a high saddle on her back.


Sorana is a skittish and broken young wolf who experiences emotional extremes on a regular basis. Due to the amount of pain, anxiety, and trauma she experienced in her youth, Sora has difficulty forming lasting relationships with others. Real commitment is all but impossible for her. She may seem capable of fast friendship on the surface due to unhealthy attachment traits, but forever holds others out of reach for fear of being hurt again, and can therefore be flighty and unreliable. She avoids questions about herself and her past and may lie about the details or become aggressive if pushed.

Parents · Reyes and Teya
Littermates · N/A
Mate · N/A
Offspring · N/A
Grandparents · Rosalyn and Firefly

Siblings · Boris, Bronte, Caracal, Ponyboy, Sphyra, and Tierra

Piblings · Chacal, Clementine, Komet, Marisol, Moonshine, Nieve, Rowan, and Scarab

Cousins · Anubis, Chani, Chiro, Etienne, Ingram, Requiem, Suzu, and Theo

Note · This list includes in-game blood relatives only.


· 10/04/2022 — 01/04/2023
Nestling · 10/04/2022 — 06/12/2022
Family · 06/12/2022 — 01/04/2023

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