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Basic Info
Full Name: Viinturuth Frostfur-Mayfair
Subspecies: Mix
Sex: Male
Age: 0 years (April 28th, 2018)
Birthplace: Swiftcurrent Creek, Teekon Wilds
At A Glance
Sub-adult white wolf: long legs, large paws, over-sized ears. Dark red-brown eyes.
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Born with a downy pelt of untouched alabaster, Viinturuth differs entirely from his namesake and better resembles his maternal uncle, Julius. He remained hueless throughout his early infancy and as he grew into his adult furs, began to develop bold platinum guard hairs throughout his nape - a classic Frostfur mane. His stormy blue eyes have transitioned into a deep burgundy - unknowingly like those of his maternal great grandmother. Long-legged and strong, his frame holds promise of developing into a powerful, solid build as he ages.
Pack History
A son of Constantine (Lasher x Blue Willow) and Durnehviir (Shadow x Paarthurnax), born alongside littermates Akavir ♂, Akatosh ♂ and Talos ♀.
Swiftcurrent Creek - (Apr 18 - Oct 18)
??? (Oct 18 - Jan 19)
Lone Wolf - (Jan 19 - present)
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