Profile of Reina: Quick Facts
Hushed Willows Lead Singer*
Played By: Kitt
Basic Info
Full Name: Reina Thorne
Subspecies: Red Wolf/NRM Wolf mix
Size: Medium, Athletic
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/her
Age: 2 (07/11/2021)
Birthplace: Rhodesia National Park
At a Glance
A woman of sienna browns and creams, eyes of the bluest skies.
Profile of Reina: Details
Startling blue eyes that can send shivers down the spine. A hood of chocolate brown covers her face and wraps down the back of her neck to the front of her chest, her underbelly, and under her fluffy, slightly curled, tail of which ends as if dipped in cream. This cream also appears on her lower face and jugular. All four paws are socked in this color as well, fading upwards into the same brown as before, stopping at her elbows and knees before and blends itself into her base coat of red-tinted caramel. Adorning her withers is an almost arrow-shaped patch of cream fur that drips down her shoulders, its point almost meeting the dark brown fur of the underbelly.
Soft natured, friendly at default, but finds it hard to connect with others. Due to the pattern of losing those she loved, she craves connection, but the fear of losing them makes it harder to form relationships. She typically feels unworthy of these connections, afraid the black cloud that follows her will extend to others.
[Image: Reina-by-Jaclyn-not-my-artwork.png]

Hails from Rhodesia National Park, many turns of the moon North of her current station. It's taken her one year's trek to get where she is today. By no means did she decide to leave and embark on a long journey away from her family. After a very unfortunate catastrophe involving an avalanche, decimating her home and the family that dwelled there, Reina gathered herself the best she could and made the trip south to the Teekon Wilds. Her mother used to tell her stories of her time as a lone wolf travelling through the Wilds. Maybe she could find a place there to call her own...too many painful memories are etched in the wilderness of Rhodesia National Park. It was no longer her home.
Family members/pack are deceased. However, names of her family members may be mentioned throughout her story in the Teekon Wilds so they might as well be listed here:

Mother: Quinn Wind-Thorne
Father: Harlem Thorne (Blackthorne)
Siblings: Silas, Willow, Hammond, Audette
Paternal grandfather:
**Tuathal Blackthorn.
Paternal grandmother:
Maternal grandparents:
*Hawke Wind/deceased
*Fairgrass Wind/deceased

*OOG-out of game
**IG-in game
Pack History
Rhodes Pack (OOG)-Birth-Dec ‘22
Loner- Dec ‘22-Dec ‘23
Hushed Willows—Dec ‘23-current
Profile of Reina: Additional Information
Registered on November 11, 2023, last visited (Hidden)
Art Credits
Avatar by Me, Biography by Jaclyn <3
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