Profile of Tuft: Quick Facts
Played By: Tuft
Basic Info
Full Name: Tuft Fescues
Subspecies: Northwestern Wolf
Size: Medium, Stocky
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 3 Years Old (04/03/2020)
Birthplace: Glacia Tempest
Profile of Tuft: Details
Tuft is a typical Northwestern Wolf. He has dark grey ears sitting atop of a mostly white face and chest. He has a dark grey mask surrounding his eyes, with two stripes going around his nose and cheeks. He has black fur reaching all the way from his toes to his elbows. He is kind of stocky, but harsh winters have made him a lot more lean. He has really thick and coarse fur. His golden amber eyes shine and you can pretty much never see tuft without seeing him smile.

Profile of Tuft: Additional Information
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