Profile of Mireille: Quick Facts
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Played By: ebony
Basic Info
Full Name: Mireille Dahomey-Rivaini
Subspecies: grey wolf
Size: Small, Athletic
Sex: Female
Age: 0 (june 3, 2021)
Birthplace: sapphique (dragoncrest cliffs, teekon wilds)
At a Glance
[Image: tumblr_n3op0ivV8B1rv7pklo1_r1_400.gif]
Profile of Mireille: Details
arranged in shades of her sire's brilliant crimson and her mother's own cinnamon hues, mireille wears the proud icon of the blackthorn stripe as well as their freckling, dotted across her features like starlight. her eyes are a brilliant green that will darken over time to the shade worn by her sire.
mireille has grown into a haughty little child. having appointed herself as guardian of her littermates, she treats them like young siblings. only her mothers can soothe her, and for anyone else, mireille might well only have disdain, mitigated by a good sense of mannerliness.

she is creative and protective, loving despite her nature that is for now turned toward overbearing.
mothers: erzulie & rosalyn
littermates: sobo , loko & coraline
(sired by merlin)
Pack History
Profile of Mireille: Additional Information
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