Profile of Sylvie: Quick Facts
Brecheliant NPC
Played By: Chan
Basic Info
Full Name: Penthesilea "Sylvie" Blackthorn
Voice: Maya Hawke
Subspecies: Various
Size: Medium, Pudgy
Sex: Female
Age: 2+ (June 4th, 2021)
Birthplace: Broken Antler Fen
NPC Guidelines
Sylvie can be found hanging out with Eljay and Maia most days.
At a Glance
[Image: 5.png?ex=653ec90c&is=652c540c&hm=bd9c4fe...265a23c2e&]
Reference: Phobic Art
Profile of Sylvie: Details
  • Emerald green eyes
  • Gray and white coloration
  • Freckles on her cheeks
  • Tan accents along her neck
  • Knee-high sock-like markings on her front legs
Parents: Eljay and Maia
Littermate: Hymnal
Siblings: Ceridwen, Chickadee, Bluejay, Aiden, Frolic, Glee, and Callahan
Half-Siblings: Elfie and Weejay
Pack History
Current Pack: BRECHELIANT (10/12/23 to present)
Previous Packs: BRECHELIANT (06/04/21 to 07/04/22) · FROSTHAWKS (08/10/22 to 10/06/23)
Profile of Sylvie: Additional Information
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